How To Build A Time Machine Trailer

Friend of the site and occasional Cincecast guest, Jay Cheel is hard at work on his second documentary feature, How To Build a Time Machine. For its 2012 HotDocs DocIgnite crowd-funding, the film had a focus on controversial future-man and conspiracy theory hoaxer John Titor. The project has evolved in a somewhat different direction (as is the wont of documentary film making) and that element has dropped away in favour of two more down to earth approaches to humanities collective dream/obsession of travelling through time.

The focus of the film appears to be on two men. Rob Niosi has been painstakingly re-creating a replica of the time machine from the classic 1960 film The Time Machine, for over a decade, but (perhaps paradoxically) dreams more of travelling to the future than the past. Ronald Mallett, PhD physicist and author follows his dream of the mathematics and practical considerations of time travel as it will be in the future, even if it is (also paradoxically) grounded in his desire to visit his deceased father in the past.

As with all of Cheel’s work, the cinematography and craft is of the highest order, check it out below.

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David Brook

This looks great. I still haven’t managed to catch Beauty Day – is it available to buy/watch anywhere?