Exclusive: Extended Clip from Indie RomCom Sex After Kids!


I admit it: Jeremy Lalonde’s Sex After Kids initially caught my attention because of the cast. Not one but three “Lost Girl” cast members? Where do I send my money?

Turns out Lalonde’s movie isn’t simply a playground for “Lost Girl” cast members on summer filming break but quite honestly a very charming and funny romantic comedy the likes of which only Canada can produce. After all, where else could you see the very talented Zoie Palmer (complete with British accent) trying to keep the interest of a potential lover by bringing up Margaret Atwood? And that’s only scraping the surface!

Along with Palmer, Sex After Kids also stars Kris Holden-Ried, Paul Amos, Katie Boland, Jay Brazeau and the superbly talented Gordon Pinsent.

Sex After Kids is now available on iTunes and other VOD platforms in the US and to celebrate, the good folks at Filmbuff have been nice enough to provide us with this very amusinc extended clip from the movie!

My original review from February tucked under the seats!

Turns out Canada is a really great place to find sex comedies and the last few years have been especially fruitful. This year alone we’re in for two great sex romps, Jason James’ That Burning Feeling (review) and Jeremy Lalonde’s Sex After Kids. Where James’ movie has one man searching for answers, Lalonde’s introduces a cast of diverse characters all of whom are at a cross roads: they’ve had kids and now their sex lives seem to have disappeared. Except nothing is quite this simple.

There’s a lesbian couple figuring out what has caused a riff in their relationship, empty nesters rekindling their love life, new parents who are trying to follow their therapists’ recommendation to have sex for 100 days in a row, a couple dealing with their changing feelings for each other, a single father adjusting to his changing tastes in women and a single mother who chose to have a baby on her own and is now buzzing for a quickie only to find weirdos (note: unless you’re ready for what follows, never include the words “cockle doodle doo” in your personal ad).

On the surface, Sex After Kids sounds like it’s checking off tick boxes; gay couple: check, old couple: check, singles: check. The thing about Lalonde’s script is that it never feels like that’s what he’s doing. The stories, though at first completely disconnected aside from similar themes, do have a connecting thread but its not obvious nor is it unnecessarily crammed in. It feels natural to the story almost as if the idea started with the various members of a parent’s group and evolved from the stories shared there but Lalonde doesn’t feel encumbered by the structure of starting with the connection and for a while, Sex After Kids ambles along from story to story in hugely enjoyable style.

What makes Sex After Kids so entertaining is the way it approaches the subject of sex and relationships. Lalonde tackles issues about changing relationship preferences, the evolving dating scene, the way couples change over the course of their relationships and how occasionally what you think you’re doing right in the sack doesn’t work anymore or maybe didn’t work to begin with. Not only is Lalonde’s script very funny, it’s also very smart, frank and poignant. He isn’t afraid to touch on some prickly subjects and he and the actors manoeuvre them quite well.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that Lalonde has assembled a fantastic cast of Canadian talent from Gordon Pinsent to the “Lost Girl” triple threat of Kris Holden-Ried, Zoie Palmer and Paul Amos – yes, it’s a bit weird seeing Dyson and Lauren make out but you get over it pretty quickly.

It might be a sex comedy but Sex After Kids is also a lot more than that: a hugely enjoyable exploration of relationships and sex and the things that make adults tick. Some might find it hits a little too close to home (with brush strokes this wide it’s likely to touch on something everyone has some sort of direct experience with) but that’s the joy of a movie like this; it holds up the magnifying glass, picks out the warts and does so while making us laugh.

Marina Antunes
Fassbender for life.