Mamo #355: Too Much Whiskey And Not Enough Prep

Summer kicks off with a not-so-Amazing Spider-Man (2), and the Matts (without having seen the film, mind you) are here to tell you what’s gone wrong. It’s Mamo! (SPOILER WARNING FOR ASM2)

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Matthew Fabb

Regarding the death of Gwen Stacy in the comics, it happened in the regular Amazing Spider-Man comics. Looking it up online, it was Amazing Spider-Man #122 which came out July 1973. It was quite the groundbreaking point to kill off a main character like that and in that fashion. It’s considered by most as the end of more carefree and fun Silver Age of comics and the beginning of the more mature Brozen Age. The other main key comic at the time that kicked off the Brozen Age, was a Green Lantern/Green Arrow comic, where Green Arrow’s ward is discovered to be a junkie doing heroin.

As for the popularity of Venom, I think he’s one of Spider-man’s most popular villains. However, he’s always worked best as a foil to Spider-man and just how different Eddie Brock is to Peter Parker and Venom is to Spider-man. I really don’t see how that character can carry a movie on it’s own, especially as they have yet to successfully adapt the character for the screen. People still remember how badly they messed up Venom in Spider-Man 3.

I’m also curious about Amazing Spider-Man 2 in how things are handled, but not so much that I need to rush out and see it in the theatre. Amazing Spider-Man 1 was bad enough that I really don’t care about this one. I guess I’ll eventually see it, but by borrowing someone’s blu-ray or on Netflix.

Sean Kelly

Just saw the movie today and, while there are moments that can easily be criticized, this wasn’t one of them. I thought it was very well done.

Matt Gamble

Yeah, it was a two issue arc in the comic. She is actually killed in issue #121, with the arc being resolved with the death of Green Goblin in issue #122.

GE Hale

Mr. Price is correct. The spreadsheet uses the average picks of everyone to “predict” what is going to happen in the future. Therefore the seeding is useful to deal with people selecting movies with different release dates (if you picked only May releases, you would be “winning” on an unseeded spreadsheet at the end of May but only because all your selection have some points and this would not reflect what is likely at the end of the summer) and also to more accurately guess where the movie will finish at the end. To illustrate the last point, I am currently in second-last place on the unseeded rankings, but this is only because I picked Spiderman to finish 6th overall and everyone else selected it higher, and right now, Spiderman is ranked number 1. It may not finish 6th, but Spiderman is almost certainly not going to finish 1st so this ranking really doesn’t reflect any likely final outcome, but rather just which movie came out first.

But the seeding is also not a perfect system either so if you prefer to follow the unseeded progression, it is also there on the tabulator at:

Ryan McNeil

Thanks for the Kickstarter plug, gents. Gonna be a tense few days trying to hit that goal. $5300 to go!

Matt Brown

It’s like someone at the LA Times listens to (and transcribes) our show!:

Rick Vance

Isn’t the mega-franchise also harder to do after the first one because your audience is more hype the the idea and the surprise is gone so cynicism and pessimism begins to set in. Its like the automatic go to response about other trends like splitting the last book into 2 movies or other such things.

You guys make it sound like what Marvel did organizationally was actually difficult, it doesn’t look like it because of how patchy the references have been to other movies up to now (a credits sequence here a computer screen there).

Sean Kelly

It is interesting to note that THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 had a brief stinger for X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. The stinger (which is just a brief action scene involving Mystique) was apparently added as a compromise for Mark Webb not being able to fulfill a contract he had with Fox (dating all the way back to (500) DAYS OF SUMMER).

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 itself had a stinger, but it could only be accessed by using the Shazam app on the end credits song (you read that right, Sony’s encouraging phone use for cross-promotional means).

matthew price

Not sure why they’d still be encouraging phone use, they can’t make or sell a decent phone to save their lives.