Trailer: The Salvation


Knowing the history of the Old American West, it’s always puzzled me how so many western films have seemingly overlooked the vast amount of immigrants that settled on the frontier during the 19th century. Hell on Wheels got it right with the Swede and Deadwood had the single Chinese immigrant, referencing their importance in building the Transcontinental Railroad, but Danish director Kristian Levring is looking to remedy the overall exclusion on the big screen with his upcoming western The Salvation. Twitch describes the plot:

Mads Mikkelsen plays John, a former soldier and immigrant from Scandinavia who has come to the American West in search of a new life for him, his wife and child. But when he kills the man who killed his family, it raises the anger and revenge of the murderer’s brother Delarue (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). When John seeks the help of locals, he instead finds that in their cowardice they would rather hand him over to Delarue, and so John must become violent himself in order to survive.

As far as the trailer goes, the music is a little over-the-top, but perhaps that is what director Levring was going for, considering that was the case in the spaghetti westerns of which this is clearly inspired by. Also like those spaghetti westerns, this film was shot not in the actual American West, instead opting to shoot in Johannesburg, South Africa (rather than Italy). Still, it’s a slick, if not a little silly trailer and, hell, we can never have enough westerns, especially one with such a great cast.

The film also stars Eva Green, Michael Raymond-James and Jonathan Pryce and it opens in theaters on October 2, 2014.