Mamo #354: Ebertfest 2014, Part V

End of the road (trip)! Matt and Matt and Ariel reflect back on the 16th annual Roger Ebert Film Festival on the long drive back to Toronto.

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Jandy Hardesty

You guys should come out for the TCM Film Festival sometime. It’s a really similar vibe to what you’re describing for Ebertfest – a pretty closely knit community of people there purely to see movies and to hang out with other people who just love movies. No industry, no buyers, and the only celeb-watching is for 85-year-old actors. After listening to all these podcasts, I’m definitely hoping to get to Ebertfest at some point, assuming they continue to do it.

The one major difference (other than the kind of films programmed) is the way it’s scheduled – I’m kind of drawn to Ebert’s fest 10-film, one theatre approach where everybody sees the same things. It seems like that would do even more to build that community feeling. Plus, the way TCM is scheduled leads to a whole bunch of stressful decision-making. On the other hand, I doubt TCM Fest would program a lot of the smaller, unknown films that they do if they only programmed one theatre worth, and those are usually my favorites.