Mamo #352: Ebertfest 2014, Part III

Live from Steak n’ Shake! We tie off a monumental day at the movies with our responses to He Who Gets Slapped, Capote, and Brown’s Do The Right Thing cherry-pop.

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Glad you enjoyed Capote so much. It’s actually probably my favorite biopic since it’s so much more thematically rich then other films like it.


Prometheus is pretty good. Cloud Atlas is amazing. I really want to see He Who Gets Slapped.

That is all.


I didn’t care for Prometheus and have been meaning to revisit it since having seen Dune, the Dune doc and watching 1/2 of Alien the other day.

Cloud Atlas on the other hand… genius. And, for me at least, vastly improves on the book.

Jandy Hardesty

I agree, Marina. I read the book not long before the movie came out and thought it was all right, but I mostly enjoyed it in an academic kind of “look at him imitate different literary styles” way. The way the movie intercut everything and really brought out the themes, as on the nose as it sometimes was, hit me way harder and on a deeper level. I was busted up when I came out of that movie, in a good way.