Bob Hoskins 1942-2014

The great Bob Hoskins has passed on last night at the age of 71. Whether you knew his fine work as the ambitious gangster from The Long Good Friday, the detective lost in Toon Town in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? or as the haplessly incompetent Central Services repairman in Brazil, the actor excelled at playing slightly put upon blue collar types in odd environments. The ultimate ‘easy casting’ of his career was a total disaster as a certain video game plumber in spectacularly awful 1990s adaptation of Nintendo’s mascot video game character Mario. And it was a shame that his last film was having his head CGI grafted onto another actors body in Snow White and the Huntsman as one of the dwarves, because outside special effects and tacky pop culture, he did his best work. Hoskins was (and is) considered one of the Britain’s cinematic greats of his generation and will be missed.

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Kurt Halfyard
Resident culture snob.