Cinecast Episode 349 – Smell the Glove

You’d think this were an episode of “Coast to Coast.” Aliens, Elvis, Stonehenge, Witches, talking birds, dragons, world war III and amps that go to eleven. Matt Gamble is a special guest this week to talk about the “exhausting marathon” that is The Raid 2. We dive into the psyche of Nigel and David and lament the loss of all the past drummers. This is Spinal Tap in all its glory folks (now kick our assess, we insist!) Kurt saw Rio 2 for some reason and Andrew continues MSPIFF with Witching & Bitching and accidentally watches the “wrong movie” when he confuses Kevin MacDonald for Bruce MacDonald. Everything feels loose and foggy in this episode for some reason. Which is just the way Jonathan Glazer (Under the Skin) likes it.

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In-house business: 00:04
Under The Skin [SPOILERS] : 6:44
Rio 2 [SPOILERS] : 37:54
The Raid 2 / Gamble Lands [SPOILERS] 48:34
Game of Thrones Season 4: Episode 2 [SPOILERS] 1:03:29
The 1984 Project: This is Spinal Tap: 1:37:01
Watch List: 2:00:34
Next Week: 2:13:53
Outro music: 2:23:05

Just to let you know Andrew, there’s some real bad sound problems 3 or 4 times during the show.

Andrew James

Thanks again dude. I noticed the weird sound at the end, but didn’t hear it in other places. I think either my computer is beginning to fail or we just had a bad internet connection a couple of times.

Sean Kelly

I noticed the bad sound as well. The majority of Kurt’s RIO 2 review was garbled.

Kurt Halfyard


Andrew James

That is weird. All sounded great as we were talking. unfortunately I don’t have the time or energy to go back and re-listen to the entire episode. So I didn’t notice the problem. Sorry.

The fact that it was fine during recording leads me to believe that it’s something on my end (hardware). I’ll look into it.

Sean Kelly

I enjoyed The Raid 2, but I liked the simplicity of the first better.

It was quite fun listening to Matt’s grumblings about the film with the knowledge that The Raid 2, originally known as Berandal, was written BEFORE the first film. The film was shelved for financial reasons then was re-written to become The Raid’s sequel (hence the cutting of the loose ends Matt was going crazy about).

Sean Kelly


I’m sure the fans of the GAME OF THRONES books are laughing right now, since while TV viewers had to wait nearly a year, in A STORM OF SWORDS, the Purple Wedding happens only a few chapters after the Red Wedding.

Kurt Halfyard

This is typical of the GoT adaptation divide, but I’m very happy to be experience it via the HBO format than the rather bloated novels.

Sean Kelly

The voice of the poisonous frog in RIO 2 is Kristin Chenoweth, who is best known as a Broadway actress, though she has also appeared in films and TV series (particularly PUSHING DAISIES and GLEE)

Sean Kelly

The Canadian release for UNDER THE SKIN will be May 9

Rick vance

I will explain all but I do not want to write long posts on the bus, surprised at the entire review

Robert Reineke

Matt Gamble should stop spoiling strategies for the Mamo box office contest. Some of us are well aware of Tammy.

Sean Kelly

Yeah, I’m well aware that it is going to get crushed by the new Transformers film (which opens the week before)

Nathan Austin

What Robert said 🙂

Matt Gamble

Please, I get so few chances to publicly call Matt Brown an idiot.


Thanks so much for the shout out! Once you listen let me know what you think.

Rick Vance

So to begin I really liked The Raid 2 so it did not feel like a slog or anywhere near its actual run time.

Also I wasn’t confused at any time because yes while everyone had single syllable names written in the subtitles those names were different to a point where I could read the difference even the one time where it wasn’t 100% clear from the audio.

I usually count on Mr. Gamble to be the grounded one to balance the out there and often lofty Halfyard so I was shocked that this movie was any challenge to understand or grasp the plot of what was going on.

Likewise I find it incredibly refreshing in a movie about warring factions of violent insane criminals that there isn’t anyone to ‘root for’ outside of Rama himself who more so than his performance tells the tale through action and how he confronts people with violence.

Oh and there is a real stint of lack of high powered weapons in Asian gangster films To’s Election films also go in that way I am not entirely why whether it is because it is easier to find those types of weapons, or it leaves a more brutal impression on the town when you carve someone up compared to shooting them or if it just looks better on film.

The real jewel here is the action and it is stunning, never boring and also finding another wrinkle to throw into the mix, so in that way I don’t mind if I have seen literally every scene not fighting from another movie, they were done well enough and I enjoyed a great many of the new performances enough that they were exactly the right propellant into the next and the next action sequence right until the awesome finale.

I loved this movie and it is a shame there is nothing like it in the action department coming from the West anymore.

Rick Vance

I should ammend that last bit, it still exists in North America you just have to hunt direct to DVD for the best stuff (Universal Soldier IV & V and Undisputed 3)

Matt Gamble

This will be fun to respond to, mainly because unlike Halfyard, I respect Rick’s opinion. 😉

Rick Vance

More stuff I forgot

The movie is gorgeously shot to a level I am surprised by coming on the heels of the first one.

The soundtrack is pretty great

What I gathered about the brother from the single watch is:
-it starts the movie with a bang
-it along with the first scene with Rama throws the audience off their footing coming out of the first movie
-it sets up that location and its purpose for later in the movie
-it sets up Bejo the two first times he is brought up is killing the Brother and by the boss of the Brother (Bangun) brings him up eating their area which is probably related to killing their subordinates like The Brother.