Cinecast Episode 348 – Immediately to Eleven

So Game of Thrones is finally back on the air with a brand new season. Does it live up to the wait we had to endure or was it a bit of a let down? Matt and Kurt also deliver a back and forth on the two wide to semi-wide theatrical releases this week in Captain America: Winter Soldier as well as Jodorowsky’s Dune. We dive into a very Red Dawn in which fantasy and reality’s lines are blurred which Kurt takes quite an issue with. The Minneapolis Film Festival is in full swing and Google and Bollywood make their appearances known. Danny Boyle is in the mix along and apparently the 90s b-squad is going for a comeback in Jerome Sable’s Stage Fright. Seriously, Minnie Driver is still around?

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– Halfyard children cover TIFF Kids

Harry Dean Stanton
Red Dawn

“Captain America”

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Gangs of Wasseypur (parts 1 & 2)
Google and the World Brain


Stage Fright (2014)








– Under the Skin
– The Raid 2
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– Draft Day




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  1. While, I won’t be able to listen to podcast until after watching BOTH Captain America and Game of Thrones, I thought that I would mention that last night’s episode of AGENTS OF S.H.E.I.L.D. directly involved events from CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDER, which in turned spoiled some of the developments for people who had yet to see the film (like myself).

    Event more interesting is how much of the season’s arc has been seemingly building up to this movie/episode combo. In fact, I have no idea where the show is going to go from here (with there still being a few episodes left in the season).

    • Psssssshhhhh, all will be ignored.
      Every TV Show has to be on the level of True Detective from now on. Otherwise it will just be declared as ‘Shit’.

      • I don’t really care about the “quality” of a TV show. I just want something I can relax and watch.

        Also, with me writing increasing more about film, I’m happy to watch something I DON’T have to write about.

  2. Kurt, if you like referencing previous iterations of The Hound you should check out a fairly good UK comedy from way back called The Book Group, two series of six episodes.

    The Hound is the guy in the chair.

    If you’re at all squeamish the second season contains shots of mouths brimming over with sperm after blow jobs, in a couple of places.

  3. Winter Soldier is fairly mediocre. It’s generic product but going in I was intrigued by the Real World/espionage themes, but, obviously, it turned out to be just window dressing in an otherwise perfunctory placeholder superhero movie. It’s also the biggest waste of Toby Jones’ talents outside of the Hunger Games films, and the bad guy is an irrelevance. But at least it wasn’t Man of Steel turgid – and I liked the Falcon!

    Red Dawn is classic invasion paranoid Reagen America cinema; filled with nasty xenophobia and authoritarian reinforcing. Nicely photographed trash.

  4. Opening:
    In-house business: 00:46
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier [SPOILERS] : 8:08
    Jodorowsky’s Dune [SPOILERS] : 43:50
    Game of Thrones Season 4: [SPOILERS] 1:01:24
    The 1984 Project: Red Dawn : 1:33:20
    Watch List: 2:19:02
    Next Week: 2:54:40
    Outro music: 2:59:30

  5. I know Captain America is old news now, but I’m still curious. Can someone give a moment or two in the film where they felt some type of true emotion? I mean, I was lukewarm on the first Captain America movie, but at least there were a few times when I felt something – like when he comes marching into camp with the rescued POWs, or when he was getting his ass beat in the alley.

    Is there any scene that pulls something out of you in winter soldier – like sadness, or wonder, or joy, or revulsion? (Maybe the fact that I didn’t appreciate the humor robbed me of any “joy”.) Or is that too much to expect from a superhero movie?

    • Nothing. The only reaction I got was the “Would You Like To Play A Game.” and that was just admiration for a great quip at that moment.

      Even when Cap goes to see the aged and dying gf from his WWII days, arguably the intended emotional highlight of the film, it was unaffecting. I got more emotion out of similar scene in HIGHLANDER, but that might have been due to the QUEEN score.

        • I guess I don’t understand the relevance of the question?. Emotions are an individual thing so you can’t extrapolate anything from them outside of really broad generalizations and that would be worthless without massive sample sizes.

          • I guess I’m making the assumption that if someone likes a film, there are scenes that cause some type strong emotional reaction. I’m just trying to find out what those scenes are in this movie. Or maybe my assumption is wrong. Like I said below, I’m just trying to figure out why people – many of whose opinion I respect (like you) – loved this movie so much. I truly don’t understand – and I am not being a smart ass or sarcastic.

    • “Can someone give a moment or two in the film where they felt some type of true emotion?”

      I liked the scene with the elderly Peggy Carter. And the chase with Sam Jackson made me feel actual dread.

      • I could understand the dread, though I personally didn’t feel that. The Peggy Carter scene was probably my least favorite – I thought it was unearned and crass. But I guess those 2 examples give me something to consider. I’m just really trying to understand my disconnect.

        • I cared about her because I like the first film so much. I felt the dread because I am apparently the only person who actually thought they’d really kill him off, and the chase scene was tense enough that it seemed it was going there.

          You’re not the only person who was disconnected. A friend of mine who is the biggest Cap fan I know didn’t like the movie. I liked it for a while.

          Even though I didn’t care for it overall, it’s not one worth getting too upset about. It’s not like the Russos are these amazing directors whose voices were diluted or whatever.

  6. So I thought the show did this really well but I want to check and see how much of it was my prior knowledge of reading the books and how much was in the show, this is a very very minor spoiler.

    Both the grandparents featured in the episode were preparing for the same event with gifts for the parties involved and the gifts were both well suited for the genders of the recipients in that day and age.


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