Mickey Rooney 1920-2014

Another passing of a Hollywood Legend, perhaps one of the longest careers in the history of cinema, Mickey Rooney started as a child actor at age 2 and was working still at 93 on multiple film projects the supporting roles he was accustomed for the latter half of his career. Rooney was in the process of appearing in B. Luciano Barsuglia’s adaptation of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde, when he died at home, surrounded by his family at 93 years old.

A willing and able actor in the studio system (He did a number of films with young Judy Garland) and beyond, the man has an incredible 300+ film and TV acting credits, and this doesn’t count all of his time spent on stage. Personally, I remember him in his most racist caricature in Breakfast at Tiffany‘s where he plays the upstairs Japanese neighbor and yells a lot, which is perhaps a more unfortunate legacy. His broad comic humour, short stature, and boundless enthusiasm won him many fans, particularly in Hollywood’s golden age, just as his wild-child alienated others as the studio system was crumbling.

Married 8 times (the last of which lasted 37 years) he has a staggering amount of children, grand children and great grandchildren. Cue the biopic going into pre-production in 5…4…3…

The Guardian has more, here.

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Markus Krenn

“Young Tom Edison” one of my favorite movies growing up.
Farwell Mister Rooney.

Sean Kelly

It says a lot about the length of Rooney’s career, in how I’ve always known him as a, somewhat curmudgeonly, old man.

Probably my earliest (and most prominent) memory of Rooney was from the Disney film PETE’S DRAGON, which I’ve watched many times as a kid.

I don’t think I’ve watched any of his films prior to that (1977) film. It would be interesting going back today and watching the younger Rooney.