James Rebhorn 1948-2014

James Rebhorn

Another loss of a fine and prolific character actor. James Rebhorn, who was 65 and recently seen on TV’s Homeland and Enlightened spans a lengthy career playing doctors, lawyers, politicians and judges in film and TV. Mostly doctors though. Maybe it was that ‘professional white guy’ look he had. A professional “HEY IT’S THAT GUY” who did his work well on huge blockbusters, and small TV movies with aplomb and well, professionalism.

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Sean Kelly

I probably remember him the most as the dean from SCENT OF A WOMAN and his supporting role from MEET THE PARENTS (in which he was the character who utilized the “Focker” pun the most)

Andrew James

Oh this awful! From Independence Day to Meet the Parents (Jeez Focker!). Love Rebhorn. This sucks – I always smile whenever he pops up in anything (which is a lot).

Just got my Criterion Blu of “The Game.” Might have to watch tonight out of respect.

Nat Almirall

Or Talented Mr. Ripley.

David Brook

Marvelous, actually! My day just got a little more richer for this!