Teaser: Peanuts by Schulz

Popping out at you in 3D, Charlie Brown and the gang haven’t been seen since the late 1990s when the last of the cartoons were aired, and the comic strip closed down (due to creator Charles Schulz’s death in 2000.) But this teaser seems to capture a fair bit (the music certainly helps) of the spirit of the strip and the shows. The only unfortunate edit is that after the (please stop) “Also Sprach Zarathustra” A Space Odyssey intro, it certainly looks like the bliss on Charlie Brown’s face is due to Snoopy blowing him. Seriously.

We shall see what Blue Sky Studios, the creators of Ice Age, Rio and Horton Hears a Who do with the property. I’ll certainly be revisiting the original made-for-TV animated shows as preparation for this, as they have aged exceptionally well.

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Andrew James

Well that was, as you mentioned, totally unintentionally sexual. And yeah, the 2001 intro thing has got to be stopped…

That said, I’m on board for this. Looks fun!

Matt Gamble

I guess the Shulz estate couldn’t keep living on $30 million a year. Must be rough.

Rick Vance

I doubt that a mainstream movie would be able to keep the tone of the comics which is surprisingly melancholy and sardonic as much as it was cheerful.

Sean Kelly

The Peanuts animated specials continued for a few years after Schulz’s death, with the first posthumous special being A Charlie Brown Valentine in 2002 and the latest being He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown in 2006


Had no idea. To be fair, don’t recall even watching the ones made in the 1990s.

Matt Gamble

There have been a couple others released as well, but all were based on previous Schulz stories. This movie would be the first Peanuts strip, TV special or film that wasn’t.


The still of this makes it look cheap and terrible. But when I saw the actual teaser it looked… well not ‘great’ in the sense we’ve come to know, but warm and appropriate.


Maybe I’m cynical, but watching this only resulted in an involuntary groan squeaking out of my throat.