Secret Society & Price of Success Explored in “Echelon: The Series”


Mark A. Krupa is best known for his work in front of the camera, notably as Bjorn in the excellent The Wild Hunt (review) and most recently as the sadistic Indian Agent in Jeff Barnaby’s outstanding Rhymes for Young Ghouls (review) but the actor is also an accomplished producer, writer and director and he’s ready to take the plunge into the world of webseries.

The concept of Echelon: The Series is fantastic. It centers on an elite agency called Echelon which operates from funding and support of angel sponsors to mentor emerging talent. The contract stipulates that when they leave the program, beneficiaries are required to fulfil a single request and that contract is strictly enforced by Strahd, also known as the “Collector” (played by Krupa).

I had the opportunity to see Krupa’s short film In Faustian Fashion which first introduces the idea of Echelon and focuses on Ian, an aspiring fashion designer whose time to repay his contract has arrived except he’s not willing to pay the high price asked of him. It’s a really interesting concept, well executed by Krupa and his team. I love the horror and supernatural overtones and the short left me wanting more time to explore and learn about this universe and what is at the core of Echelon and it looks like I and everyone else, will get the opportunity to see more when Echelon: The Series kicks off.

No release date yet but stay tuned to the official website for more updates and check out the great series trailer below.

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julia Laroix

Wow really looking forward to this series! Looks amazing!!

Barbara Krupa

I have seen most of Mr. Krupa’s films. This series looks very promising as well. Can’t wait to see it all!
Mr. Krupa is a man with imagination, with a vision . To
be able to put on film his story telling talents is an inspiration to all! May you have continued success in all you do!