Mamo #342: MamOscar 2014

Oscars 2014! This omnibus episode stitches together all 9 of the minisodes from last night’s Oscar telecast. Ellen, Slave, Gravity, selfies, Blanchett, McConnaughey, Hustle, Menzel, Midler, Minelli, the pizza guy and much, much more!

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Sean Kelly

I correctly predicted 20 FEET FROM STARDOM based on how well it did this past year at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema. It ended up being the most successful film for the cinema (since it switched to showing documentaries 2 years ago) and they kept having to bring the film back.

Robert Reineke

I’m not stunned 20 FEET FROM STARDOM won since it’s a crowd-pleaser, but I’m a bit surprised that something without an obvious political message emerged from the documentary branch.

Andrew James

20 Feet was one of many locks this year. All acting categories were locks as well. In that regard it was a snooze fest.

I did love Cate Blanchett telling Julia to “Suck It.”

Matt Gamble

20 ft wasn’t a lock, as it wasn’t even nominated for the primary precurser and Documentary winners varied from show to show. Documentary was about as open as Best Picture or Foreign, with three solid choices to choose from.

Andrew James

Any “experts” Oscar chart I looked at had 20 Feet nearly a unanimous win. A select few went with Act of Killing, but no way would something that subversive win out on something as feel-good (and musical) as 20 Feet.

When I say “lock,” I basically mean that if you do any research at all, and mark anything else down to win, you’re asking to lose. Sure, if you’re trying to make big money with Vegas odds and go for the long shot of Fassbender winning, go for it. But if you wanna actually get it right, why mark anything other than the obvious front runner? Of course something else could win, but putting anything else down to win is kind of dumb.