Trailer: The Husband

We love Canadian genre-hopping director Bruce McDonald in the Third Row. From his road pictures to his rock documentaries for the CBC (and rock-mock-docs for the rest of us), to his slacker comedy to his semiotic take on the zombie subgenre, the prolific director keeps providing quality on all fronts. With The Husband, which premiered to some acclaim last year at the Toronto International Film festival, McDonald tackles the darkly comedic horror of the male ego and rage. The film stars Maxwell McCabe-Lokos with Stephen McHattie (yay!) and the wonderful August Diehl.

Henry, is having a really bad year. His wife, Alyssa, a former teacher, is in jail for sleeping with a fourteen-year-old student, leaving Henry to raise their infant son alone. He loathes his ad agency job — and his co-workers even more. Moreover, the burden of single-parenting has essentially cut Henry off from his friends, leaving him to stew. Henry has kept a lid on things so far, but as Alyssa’s release looms, he finds it increasingly difficult to contain himself.

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This sadly was not a strong outing from Bruce, and the worst thing I saw at TIFF (not counting two walkouts). It gets off to a good start, but everything wrong can be summed up by it’s confused soundtrack/score, which is all over the map. Doesn’t know what it wants to be.