“Unnerved” Gets Trailorized

One of our favorite indie filmmakers around these parts we continue to pimp out is our guy, Gary King (of the award-winning How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song and New York lately). He makes quality films seemingly year after year and touches all manner of genre each time (very Soderbergian/Almodovr-esque in that way). When a director that I like is trying to cover all the genre bases, the one I’m usually most excited about and interested in seeing what they can do with, is absolutely horror. Psychological horror, fantasy horror, splatterpunk, supernatural or something new entirely – I’m interested and want. And here we come to Unnerved.

Consumed by grief after the bizarre death of their young son, Mallory and Frank find their marriage on the verge of collapse. Attempting to escape the supernatural events following them, they flee to a remote lake house only to discover the mysterious entity that took their child is still very much a part of their lives. Desperate to find answers, they enlist the help of a reclusive clairvoyant with a secret past. As the relentless haunting grows in power, what they discover will not be the answer they were hoping for.

This film reteams director/screenwriter King with his longtime collaborator Mark DiConzo as Frank, and features the talented newcomer Katie Morrison in the role of Mallory with Elena Sanz rounding out the lead cast as Eleanor. Unnerved is scheduled to play festivals this Fall with a full release in 2015.

Just a few minutes ago, the director posted the following image on Facebook claiming he made his cast watch these movies for inspiration and ideas for where the movie is heading. This is what convinced me to back this project immediately.

The trailer below is an exercise in shot selection and aural cues. If you listen carefully, you can actually hear the awesome.