French Trailer for David Gordon Green’s Joe

Joe is a fair bit more ‘paced’ than this condensed 120 second overload implies – playing much more like a companion piece to Jeff Nichols’ Mud. If the quiet remake that was Prince Avalanche was a rumbling of David Gordon Green was itching to return to the early pictures that made him an indie director of note, this film shows the director fully back in the saddle. And, much as I enjoyed The Pineapple Express and even Your Highness, bless him for getting back to his roots. Nicolas Cage’s twin careers of quiet melancholy (Leaving Las Vegas, Bring Out The Dead) and maniac bluster (Wild At Heart, Vampires Kiss and too many to count) have finally converged into a single thing: A nuanced and still lively performance delivered here as the title character. The film is about killing trees and surrogate fathers, and is gorgeous and engaging from start to finish.

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Andrew James

Looks seriously great. Too bad we missed out on about 7 years of this type of great cinema from Green while he was doing paycheck garbage.


This looks fucking great. And yeah, Eastbound & Down was well worth the time away from this sort of film.