Trailer: The Unknown Known

It seems I jumped the gun in posting my review and Q&A on the Errol Morris’ The Unknown Known, the extended interview the filmmaker did with political lifer, Donald Rumsfeld, in December of last year, the film was pushed back until April of this year, but with all the festival circuit love the film received, there are plenty of pull quotes to put in this brand new (and frankly, AMAZING) trailer for the film.

Slickly edited and scored as always, the documentary establishes the setting of the two Gulf Wars and Saddam Hussein’s position of power, before it goes after the twin parameters of Morris’ filmmaking: Obsession and Nuance. Rumsfeld calls the filmmaker out on a possible obsession with capturing Rumsfeld’s obsession, while also declaring, “I’m cool and measured.” A subtle battle of wills, as well as some elusive almost-elucidation on the thinking of the recent, former, two time Secretary of Defense.