Friday One Sheet: Robocop meet Anime

The 1980s Paul Verhoeven Robocop designs were always very much of their time, a big bulky me-decade silver-stereo component (blaupunkt), visually, even as the ideas and execution mixed superhero earnestness, cynical industrial-military complex shenanigans, labour relations and the passion play elements in christian mythology (but I digress). This new reboot is directed by José Padilha whose Elite Squad films coupled with social documentaries like Bus 174 which looks at the crime consequences of how a city is laid out geographically by social strata certainly qualify this reboot to operate in the same vein (albeit decidedly more earnest) as the original, but when I see posters like this Japanese version, all I can think of is that Robo himself works in the 21st century as just another mid-tier anime icon. I hope I’m wrong.