CASTcast 2013

The Cinematic Appreciation Society of Toronto returns for more drinking and merriment and incidental discussion of the winners of our annual poll of the year’s best films.

Hosted by Matt Price of Mamo!, this panel roundtable features commentary and discussion from the following contributors:

Kurt Halfyard – Row Three, Twitchfilm@triflic
Ryan McNeil – The Matinee@matinee_ca
Matt Brown –, Twitchfilm, Mamo!@tederick
Ariel Fisher – Row Three, Rue Morgue – @Afis8
Bob Turnbull – Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind, Row Three@TheLogicalMind
James McNally – CAST organizer, Toronto Screen Shots@toscreenshots

To download this episode, use this URL:

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Enjoying the show so far – about halfway through.  Two Things:

1) A clarification on WOLF OF WALL STREET: he’s not doing coke out of a hooker’s ass. He’s blowing coke into a hooker’s ass I believe.  Which is amazing.

2) To piggyback off of another thread here BLANCANIEVES is on that streaming service with nothing good: Netflix Instant.