Peter O’Toole 1932-2013.

Peter O'Toole

We have lost another icon of cinema this weekend as the great Peter O’Toole shuffled off his mortal coil. A major presence in Hollywood elite getting awards nominations from the 1960s epic of epics, Lawrence of Arabia as well as A Lion in Winter onward to 1980s The Stuntman and mid-2000s with Venus and almost 100 film and TV credits. His combination of stiff upper lip and raw sex appeal was the perfect mix of a Brit capturing the imagination of the American filmgoer. Other films include: Zulu Dawn, Caligula, The Last Emperor and the goofy 1980s comedy High Spirits; he is even known to the kiddies as food critic Anton Ego in Brad Bird’s Ratatouille.

Lots more on the man here.

And Mamo! Matt Brown’s eclectically wonderful personal take on the man, here.

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Sean Kelly

Sadly, most of the films I’ve seen Peter O’Toole in are from the last decade, such as Troy and Venus. I really need to get around to seeing Lawrence of Arabia one of these days (hopefully the Lightbox will bring back the 70mm print).


Lawrence of Arabia, Becket, The Lion in Winter… they’re about as good as cinema gets. And as recently as Venus, O’Toole gave so many astonishing performances. He’ll be missed!