Why I love my World Almanac.

For many, traditional encyclopedias, dictionaries, and almanacs are relics of the past. Yet, despite this, I found that while I was leafing through my 2014 World Almanac, there was a sense of not only nostalgia, but the same wonder that I had when I was kid looking through my old, tattered copy that was missing its front page.

For movie buffs, the Almanac provides information that can indeed be found on the internet… but information that one might never even consider researching. It’s a comprehensive book of data, facts, statistics, and list on any topic one could imagine… especially movies.

Want a comprehensive and condensed list of the birthdate and birthplace of every notable actor? It’s in there. How about a list of the real names of entertainers? Albert Brooks’s real name is Albert Einstein, Spike Jonze is Adam Spiegel, Michael Caine is Maurice Micklewhite, and Alan Alda is Alphonso D’Abruzzo. Did you know that 1946 has the record for highest admissions to movies with 4,067,300,000 tickets sold. Compare that to 2012, which didn’t even reach 1.5 million, despite there being 677 films released compared to 1946’s 400. IMDb is still the number one visited movie website, although movie blogs like Cinema Blend and Screen Rant both made the top 20.

Go out and buy an Almanac. If nothing else, you can read it while sitting on the toilet, instead of checking your Facebook app for the thirteen time of the day.

Do you still read traditional reference books? Are they relics of the past? What can these companies do to compete with the information available at their fingertips on the internet? Chime in!