Disney now has full rights to Indiana Jones


I used to get riled up. There used to be passion. Now, all I can do is shrug.

Maybe it’s growing up.

Maybe it’s wising up.

Maybe it’s something else.

But when I hear that Disney has acquired full rights from Paramount to make more Indiana Jones movies (or TV shows or video games or whatever plans they have), well… I don’t even know if I care.

Back in 2008, I sure did care. My review of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was scathing. Passionate. Angry. I spent months agonizing over and trying to forget that crock of shit. I still suffer from PTSD from it.

It’s a world of sequels, prequels, remakes, adaptations, and TV spinoffs. None of this is really new. It’s sort of the way that Hollywood has always functioned, albeit today in different forms.

All this impending Star Wars news should be enough to get me going… but I feel a whole lot of nothing. I guess I’m just getting too tired of it all to get riled up about it anymore.

I think I’ll go read a book.

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Sean Kelly

To steal a famous line: Frankly, I don’t give a damn.

So what if Disney has distribution rights to Indiana Jones?  It doesn’t mean they are making a movie right away.  And even if they are, people should stop taking the business decisions of a studio so personally.

I’ll go on the record and say that I liked Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  It’s far from my favourite film in the series, but I still found it a very entertaining watch.  Life’s too short to spend it complaining about studio plans to release new movies in a series and “rape” someone’s childhood.

Everyone’s complaining now, but once a new Star Wars and/or Indiana Jones hits theatres, I’m sure those same people will line up in droves.

Once these films show up, I’ll see them and make an objective, non-biased decision on their quality. Until then, I don’t really care about this whole “judge the movies just for being made” mindset people have.

Mythical Monkey

Like Sean Kelly, I also liked <i>The Crystal Skull</i> — probably helped that I’d re-watched the other three the weekend before.  The real turkey of the four movies (for me) was <i>The Temple of Doom</i>.  Of course, none of them can live up to <i>Raiders</i> — it’s not just the best of the series, it’s the best pure action-adventure movie of all-time.  Even better than Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. in his prime …


Sean Kelly I still get a bit miffed when the mood strikes me, at these sort of news items and the ‘consolidation of popular culture’ into fewer and fewer companies, if only because this will inevitably tie up a lot of resources and talents that could be working on something far, far more interesting.  

There is a reason why a lot of my ‘film pals’ have shifting to long-form TV this decade, and quite simply, this is it…


With Ford’s age and the consequent unlikelihood of them actually making a proper Indy V, I’m with you Jonathan – I greet this news with a profound “whatever.” Whatever reboot/ Shia LeBeouf movie they think this gives them the right to make, they’re welcome to have at it. I’m done.

Also, Crystal Skull is fucking terrible. Absolutely fucking terrible. An ignominious end to our beloved archaeologist.


Also, as a point of clarification, Disney doesn’t have “full” rights to Indiana Jones. Paramount retains distribution rights to the four films that have been produced, and will take a percentage of any distributions for future films as well. Disney now has partial distribution rights going forward, for new properties only.

Markus Krenn

KurtHalfyard It’s not like that they are tying up that kind of talent that could make something intresting. And the resources will go to the blockbuster money making machinery anway. So no harm done.
I agree with the risk of only a handful movie companies dictating the mainstream cinema landscape.
But then again, same thing happened to fast food and one can still get great burgers, just not around every corner.

Matthew Fabb

I also fall into the category that after Crystal Skull, that I couldn’t care less. I have the three original movies on a nice DVD boxset if I want to rewatch any of the old films. I refuse to buy the new blu-ray box set with the Crystal Skull, so I will stick with the DVD releases for now.
That said, I do remember being blown away as a kid seeing the “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular” at Disney World. None of the other rides could compare to seeing someone run around and do a bunch of Indiana Jones stunts live, with staged explosions that were big enough that I could feel the heat of the flames from the audience.
Anyways, this seems to be just George Lucas continuing to remove himself from ownership of any properties. I could see Lucas trying to sell Willow as well if there was any interest in resurrecting that property.