Jessica Chastain vs. Social Media

Nice to see Ms. Chastain having a little fun in this piece that tries to defuse the tensions of social media and celebrity these days. Albeit the most shocking thing is to see someone actually reading a newspaper on a park bench these days.


  1. screw social media, I would just bask in that beauty with my antiquated eyeballs.

  2. KurtHalfyard

    Well, the piece is financed by VOGUE, so of course Ms. Chastain is looking FABULOUS!  No complaints here…

  3. ArielFisher

    Mike_Rot And you would be the minority.

  4. confession: I don’t even own a cellphone, let alone a smart phone. Just eyeballs

  5. Looks like the video is now private

  6. KurtHalfyard

    Sean Kelly FIXED with new embed.

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