After the Credits Episode 140: The Book Thief Spoiler Special


On this installment of the podcast I borrow a page from the MAMO Matts and take the show on the road to a local coffee shop where I’m joined by Vancouver book blogger extraordinaire Monica Miller (Monniblog), to discuss Oscar hopeful The Book Thief which, so happens, is based on a novel which Monica is familiar with. The discussion is very spoiler heavy in both plot and themes so this is best for post viewing listening.

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One comment

  1. Oh I can’t wait to listen to this!  Spoil away – not a chance I’ll see the movie.  The trailer (twenty-three times) has destroyed my soul already.
    Interested to hear what someone who has read the book thinks!


  1. Episode 192: “Ender’s Game” Discussion | Before the Dawn - […] And as promised for those who are interested, Monica and I dug deep into the recently released “The Book …

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