Trailer: The Wind Rises


The North American trailer for Hayao Miyazaki’s “Farewell Masterpiece,” The Wind Rises spends a lot of time telling you to see it, rather than truly showing you much. Images with little context, or explanation, any dialogue or spoken words silenced, instead, a pitch that will likely only appeal to folks who already know what the trailer is telling. Le Sigh.

The film centres around Jiro Horikoshi, the designer of Japan’s World War II Zero Fighter plane. It charts and his life and dreams from education, work, some major contributions to Japanese aviation, and also the courtship and marriage to his wife of fragile health. The film spans nearly half a century and muses on when a creative artist of any stripe should step down and away, thus making the film a perfect living-elegy to the masters long manga and cinema career.

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Rick Vance

It is kinda weird that I am glad he is retiring because I have seen pages of the comic he is the process of making now and the Nausicaa Manga is still better than all the films combined so new long form storytelling in that format is really exciting.
This does look fun.