Trailer: Maidentrip


I was lucky enough to catch this documentary at this years HotDocs, and while I didn’t get much of a chance to write about young Laura Dekker and her solo voyage around the world, it was one of the highlights of the festival. The young dutch girl, who was actually born on a boat off the coast of New Zealand, took a couple years to sail at her own pace, solo, around the globe visiting friends and making new ones, and filmed (at the request of New York director, Jillian Schlesinger) herself in the process. The resulting 80 minute film is not about the excitement, when the froth hits the fan, Dekker isn’t filming, but rather how a young person deals with loneliness in the middle of nowhere for days on end. Since Dekker is rather a no-nonsense person, it’s less an act of narcissism (in hundreds of days at sea, she only took 10 hours of actual video!), and more a fly-on-the-sail kind of experience. One worth taking.