Mamo #328: The Character Assassination of the Coward Rob Ford

Toronto had a rollicking week in the news, but is this the resurgence of print journalism, or its last gasp? We talk new media vs. old, complex thought vs. simple, and whether a well-informed electorate is beyond the purview of a man like Rob Ford.

Plus – listen for details on how YOU can win tickets to the Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival, and post your entries in the comments below!

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Points for using the word “Bunk”  three times in the same episode!


Kathleen Fagan and Lisa Brown started Rendezous with Madness, under the Workman Arts company. 

I don’t know if I’m eligible because I don’t live in Toronto.


ThomasWishloff You are not eligible, unless you are planning to visit. Who else would like to go?


Grosses contest UPDATE > winners, I have your prizes in my possession – I will soon get off my lazy ass and mail them to you. Not today or tomorrow though.  🙂