Cinecast Episode 326 – Functionally Retarded, Yet Infectious

As it turns out, we discover as a very welcome surprise that this is Kurt and Andrew’s 300th episode together. So there’s reason enough to celebrate here. Kinda. But if you’re more into movies rather than nostalgia and landmarks, there’s plenty to get into with this episode. We have five, count ’em five, theatrical reviews to get to as well as our respective festival titles and experiences to mention. All of this spirals into a very important homework assignment for the week. Matt Gamble comes aboard to talk about Ridley Scott’s meandering. We get into all manner of awesome, including Robert Redford’s double takes, Polanski spelling it out, Elijah Wood is perpetually twelve years old and Judd Apatow’s version of a Richard Linklater film. All of this and a helluva lot more in another mega-episode that spans nearly four hours.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
Southland Tales

“Further On Up The Road”
The Broken Circle Breakdown Bluegrass Band




The Broken Circle Breakdown



~ TAD ~

Willow Creek
Eega (aka Makkhi)
The Last Days on Mars
Cheap Thrills
Big Bad Wolves




The Counselor
Bad Grandpa
Escape Plan
All is Lost




– Give us an example of any movie with one (and ONLY one) character.
– Extra credit question and rules within the episode.




Robocop 2
This is 40
– “American Horror Story” (S1E1)

House at the End of the Street
Maniac (2012)
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
The Dirties

Rosemary’s Baby




Reindeer Games
– Robert Rodriguez




– 12 Years a Slave
– About Time
– Ender’s Game



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Ultimo Lee

In-house business: 13.22
Andrew at Flyway: 35:30
Kurt at Toronto After Dark 1:01:45
The Counselor (SPOILERS!): 1:41:20
Bad Grandpa: 1:50:46
Escape Plan 1:59:40
Carrie: 2:08:37
All is Lost 2:23:10
Homework: 2:25:12
Watchlist 3:43:18
Next week: 3:49:50
Outro music: 

Happy 300th

Markus Krenn

Since Andrew did one episode without Kurt this year (Episode 317) technicaly this could’nt have been your 300th show together. (I don’t know if there were more of those down the line).

Sean Kelly

Too bad Kurt missed the Toronto After Dark pubs, since I essentially turned into him on closing night, as I had some very heated discussions (mostly about Big Bad Wolves, which was my top film of the festival).
This was my second year doing full coverage of TAD (fifth overall) and I was a real busy bee. My daily routine often involved writing reviews, editing Q&A Highlight videos, watching the screenings, then hitting the pub (it helps that I don’t currently have a day job).
I thought I should name check a couple films that Kurt didn’t get to.
The Battery
There are already two reviews of this film on Row Three, so I won’t talk too much about the film, however the Q&A featured a surprise performance by Chris Eaton of Rock Plaza Central, whose song “Anthem for the Already Defeated” is featured at a pivotal moment in the film.
Motivational Growth
This was undoubtedly the weirdest film of the festival, which involves an agoraphobic guy, who begins talking to a mildew growth in his bathroom (voiced by Jeffrey Combs). The director (who was in town for a few days before the screening) was a very energetic person, which made for a very entertaining (40 minute long) Q&A afterwards.  
The Machine
This was definitely the hidden gem of the festival, since Toronto After Dark didn’t have a proper trailer to market this sci-fi/thriller.  While the plot of the film (involving a human-like android) has been done countless times before, The Machine was definitely one of the better ones out there.  The film made my top five of the festival and I would recommend checking it out if you can.
Evil Feed
There were two World Premieres at TAD this year and would argue that this grindhouse homage was the more high profile of the two. The plot involves a underground Chinese restaurant, which abducts martial artists, forces them to fight to the death, and then serves up the loser up for dinner.  This is a very gory and campy film and I enjoyed it.  That said, I will also be the first to say that this film is definitely not for everyone (and there were a couple of walkouts at the screening).
Banshee Chapter
Here’s another film that made my top five.  The film uses the CIA’s MKUltra experiments as the basis for a film about a group of people terrorized by otherworldly beings.  I thought that this film was absolutely terrifying, since you literally did not know when or where one of these beings were going to appear.  I quite enjoyed it.
You can read my full coverage of Toronto After Dark at


Markus Krenn True.  Plus I think I arbitrarily skipped an episode number at some point.  BUT, there is at least one lost episode that was published and we did a couple of A and B episodes with the same number.  So who the hell knows where we are. A very dark place; that’s where.


I totally forgot to mention Jeff Who Lives at Home on this episode.  Even though it was alluded to earlier in the program.  Ah well – next week.

Markus Krenn

ajames1 Markus Krenn Well it seems a very dark place lightens my day every week

Rick Vance

Your clarification of one person on the cast completely changed what my answer had to be (Moon, Cool World and World on a Wire were all right out.)

Also Andrew you should really check out Hannibal the show is gorgeous the acting is great and it is crazy that it is on Network TV.

Rick Vance

So I loved the Counselor because it was pretty clear it was a horror movie just with the traditional genders swapped, Cameron Diaz is your dirtier, smarter, brutal force of nature that when she gets bored with where she is SPOILER SPOILER just kills everyone around her current place in the world to make some money and then picks up everything and moves to a country where she hasn’t already done this, which she mentions to the person she meets at the end of the film where she is basically gloating and bragging about what she has done. Fassbender is playing the stereotypical virgin in this case his virginity is to the criminal underworld and he is the only person who “survives” at the end of the film. SPOILER SPOILER
It is a high class white collar horror story where the main characters do not make everything okay in the end. If it was Liam Neeson instead of Michael Fassbender it would be a much different movie if you get my meaning.


Rick Vance Meh.  Maybe.  I classify it as a crime thriller. And not a very good one at that.


I can’t believe I didn’t mention the motorcycle beheading scene (that’s in the trailer).  
This pretty much epitomizes the movie for me in the worst way. Here’s how we’ll get the guy: spend half the day measuring motorcycles (basically acting suspicious in public for no good reason), then set up a very complex mechanism across the highway.  Then hope no one else drives by (for the next three hours!) and then shine a light on him just as he drives by which will totally make him stand up and get his head chopped off.  Then we’ll remove the head from the helmet and kick it across the road and leave all evidence all over the place.
“Why don’t we just shoot him?” 
“Are you kidding? It’s not that kind of movie. We’re doing this Dr. Evil style because it will look cool. Plus it will add 20 minutes to a film that needs to be longer.”


ajames1 Wasn’t it all about leaving gruesome messages?  Besides, it’s ably demonstrated that Cameron Diaz’s character has a taste for the macabre and theatrical.


Also, I think Kurt is a fan of Vera Farmiga (I think pronounced far-MEE-ga).  Her daughter is one of the main characters in “American Horror Story.”  Nothing special; just another rebellious, troubled teen role, but maybe you’re interested out of curiosity sake.


Rick Vance So far, two of the homework emails I’ve received have absolutely nailed it with the same answer – even getting the bonus credit that we always give out.
And Moon would be really close.  Is there anyone ever on screen other than Sam Rockwell and the robot.  Having Kevin Spacey in there kind of makes it a two-person show I think.

Rick Vance

ajames1 Rick Vance I saw that choice and thought it was pandering too pandering to you guys.

Sean Kelly

Re: American Horror Story
I’ve been enjoying the show, even though it’s very much a mainstream horror series.  It is definitely interesting how they decided to make AHS an anthology series, which each season having a different story (Season 1: Haunted House, Season 2: Asylum, Season 3: Witches).
The casting is also very interesting. Actors who are guest stars in one season, would become leads in the next and nice versa.  Even though there’s a core cast (including Jessica Lange) who has been in every season, they are always playing different characters.

Sean Kelly

ajames1 Taissa Farmiga is not Vera’s daughter – she’s her sister.

Matt Gamble

ajames1 Rick Vance There is one pretty obvious answer, that I am assuming is what everyone is sending it. I didn’t mention it because then everyone would have been screwed.


Sean Kelly Unfortunately I think I’m done with it.  There’s nothing wrong with it but I feel like after four episodes I got all I’m gonna get from it. I’m watching it just wishing I was filling cinematic holes instead.
I’ve been listening to the “Here’s the Thing” podcast with Alec Baldwin.  On the Jerry Seinfeld episode they talk about the nature of TV and can’t understand how people have the time for this. That’s me exactly.  
I have time for one or two hours a week to devote to television (GoT and something random).  I just love movies too much to devote 90 hours to Mad Men or 60 hours to Breaking Bad. That’s 150 hours! Take away 7 hours to sleep and that’s 8 straight days of television. It’s just not my thing.

Sean Kelly

Re: Manborg
Even though I won’t disagree with possible Mortal Kombat influences on #1 Man, he is voiced by Kyle Hebert, who is best known as the narrator of Dragonball Z.
Also, apparently there are certain markets that released the film on blu-ray (i.e. Germany).  However, it’s mostly DVD only (due to the format it was filmed in).  BTW, I’m heard (and kind of seen) on one of the DVD extras, which is the full Q&A from the opening night screening at the Royal Theatre in Toronto.


Judd Apatow ranked:

1) Knocked Up
2) Funny People
3) 40 Year Old Virgin
4) This is 40

and above all of that Freaks and Geeks which he had a part in.  If anything Kurt, check out Freaks and Geeks, I am pretty sure it is on Netflix.  One season, easy.


Mike_Rot You need to slot Cable Guy and Heavyweights in there somehow, heh.

Matt Gamble

Paul Feig was the show runner on Freaks & Geeks, Undeclared was Apatow’s baby.