Flyway Pubcast #5 – Mark and Mauricio (Styria)

Wince Flyway always breaks open during October, there’s always a slew of darker, creepier films that roll into town for the weekend. One such film is Styria, about an alienated 16 year-old, Lara Hill (Eleanor Tomlinson), who accompanies her art historian father (Stephen Rea) to an abandoned castle across the Iron Curtain in 1989. From a car crash outside of the castle, emerges the beautiful and enigmatic Carmilla (Julia Pietrucha). Lara secrets her away and the two are drawn into an intoxicating relationship. But when Carmilla mysteriously disappears, Lara’s psychic wounds erupt into a living nightmare that consumes the entire town of Styria.

Co-producers and directors Mauricio Chernovetzky and Mark Devendorf sit down with Matt Gamble and myself for a little chit chat about what’s it like working with Stephen Rea, how he’s totally outdone by their lead actress, what it’s like shooting in Hungary and whether or not their movie should even be considered a “horror” film – which it totally is.

To listen, hit the play button on the player above or grab the raw .mp3:



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I can’t believe I missed this! I’m really looking forward to seeing this. Hopefully we’ll have a chance soon!