Cinecast Episode 325 – Fuzzy Scandanavian Guys

Welcome to Cinecast Raw. Life is still playing hectic tricks on us all so very little time for post production or other deep film watches. Still, we would be remiss in not coming on for a bit to talk a bit about Captain Greengrass though. And surprise, Matt Gamble is in the house on this episode of the new season – things always prove more lively this way. Plus, we did get a homework response which leads to some more talk about “our rules” for what constitutes a disaster film. Andrew has some thoughts about more robots fighting robots and Matt tries his best to start some shit; so it may come to blows. No, not that kind you sick bastard.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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A few more notes under the seats….




– Room 237
– Side Effects
– Real Steel




– Kurt’s son Willem, talks about Real Steel



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Pre-show Chit-Chat
Homework 7:36
The Gamble Lands/Gravity box office 20:29
Captain Phillips (SPOILERS!) 25:54
Watchlist 56:01
The Rap up 1:29:43
Outro 1:37:55

“that movie sent my wife into labor”

Kurt Halfyard

Thanks for this, Ultimo!

(In Canada we spell it Labour…)


We probably do in england……’s been a slow day 😀


Perhaps not the type of disaster movie you were thinking of, but in relation to Gravity I tend to think of mountain climbing movies as related where survival is tested via the elements. In that regards, I’ll throw out White Hell of Pitz Palu, which Tarantino made a cinematic shoutout to in Inglourious Basterds, as an example as you have all the elements of the disaster film, extreme nature, mass death via avalanche, injury, the elements, search parties, etc.

Rick Vance

Network TV has gotten really interesting recently. Hannibal is the best thing to exist with those characters that isn’t either Manhunter or the novel Red Dragon. (You guys should totally check out the first season if you have not you will enjoy it)

 They are seeing the audience move to AMC and HBO in bigger and bigger waves and seeing the % of people who just wait for netflix or whatever go up so they have to up their game or get left in the news sports news day time tv business

Sean Kelly

Even though I listened to one one, but TWO, spoiler-filled Podcasts about Captain Phillips, I saw the film today and still really felt the tension. Wow.