Mamo at #TIFF13, Part 3: Evolution

Mamo closes out the Toronto International Film Festival 2013! We talk Midnight Madness’ 25th anniversary, REAL, R100, Why Don’t You Play In Hell, Unforgiven, The Stag, We Are The Best!, Blue Ruin, Blind Detective, Rigor Mortis, Words and Pictures, When Jews Were Funny, Sex Drugs & Taxation, Metalhead, Joe, and Cold Eyes.

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Sean Kelly

Spurred by the fact that it was the 25th anniversary, this was the first year that I saw ALL my Midnight Madness screenings at midnight. In the past, I would just see daytime repeat screenings, with only 1-2 films at midnight.

I can say that I overall enjoyed myself. The only “off” night of the 6 films I went to see was RIGOR MORTIS, which I lined up in a thunderstorm to go see and ended up fighting sleep through half the film.

I have not decided if going to the midnight screenings will be a regular thing and I’ll just wait and see if I do this again next year (it depends on the film selection too).

Kurt Halfyard

Even though TIFF has scaled back a bit, feature-film wise in the past few years, this is still true of the large body of media that comes in for the first 5 days, focuses on the Galas and a few Special Presentations, then leaves. It makes films like 7 Boxes, Manakamana, iNumber Number, and many smaller releases hard to find attention.