Watch It: Don Cheadle Makes Directorial Debut with “H8DES”


A few weeks ago Vanity Fair announced “The Decades Series” to celebrate the magazine’s 100th anniversary. The series consists of ten shorts, each with a different director or team of directors, capturing a decade beginning with 1910. It doesn’t look like the videos are being released in any sort of order as the 1960s was posted earlier this week (a fun video of talking heads directed by Bryce Dallas Howard) followed today by the 80s but but today’s video is a little extra special.

Titled “H8DES,” this marks the directorial debut of none other than the great Don Cheadle and from the opening moments it perfectly captures the 80s, the laugh track accompanied opening scene feels like it could have been lifted from “The Cosby Show,” but the short manages to cover every major event and feeling of the decade, from Reaganomics to the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s really fantastic and well worth five minutes.

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Hate Des? who’s Des?