Mamo #318: Chappelle’s Show

On a hot and sunny Labour Day weekend / in the middle of a torrential rainstorm, Mamo wanders away from a lacklustre summer at the movies to talk about standup comedy and its nascent status as a pop art form worthy of thought, reflection, and criticism.

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Sean Kelly

Thanks to my meticulous pre-planning (which includes paying attention to early off-sale reports), only one of my 21 picks were not available when I got my tickets on Sunday. I just shrugged it off and went with the first of the 4 alternate picks for that timeslot I had read.

This year marks my 11th festival and I can definitely say I’ve long since found my niche over the course of the last decade. I never complain about the festival and I look forward to going every single year.

Sean Kelly

As for stand-up, I quite enjoy going to stand-up shows when I can, though I’m more likely to go to a small comedy club like Yuk Yuks and see some relatively unknown comics, rather than pay hundreds for a well-known headliner.


Most of the “big” stand up guys are awful, although, of course, comedy is relative. Some of the “big” guys are great though: Louis CK (the best working… and his shows are still fairly cheap, I paid $35 for his last show and I was right up on the stage in a small venue), Patton Oswalt, Marc Maron. They’re all big names now, but all awesome.

I’m catching Doug Stanhope and Marc Maron both this month actually. I’m pretty pumped.

Kurt Halfyard

In light of the significance of the doc “COMEDIAN” this was just announced today for further though:



Feature Documentary Probes the Comic Psyche

Los Angeles, September 3, 2013 – Kevin Pollak will direct the documentary Misery Loves Comedy for producers Becky Newhall of Newaley Pictures and Burton Ritchie and Ben Galecki of Heretic Films, it was announced today.

Misery Loves Comedy will explore the mind of the stand-up comic and all those who choose to write or perform comedy as a profession. Pollack uses interviews, day-in-the-life sequences, archival and historic footage and photos, observations, essays and insights to explore why a person gets on stage in front of a room full of strangers when, in fact, public speaking is all other Americans’ #1 fear, even above death.

Pollak and the producers have assembled a veritable who’s who of comedic talent both onstage and off. A partial list of includes: Michael Ian Black, Rob Delaney, Jon Favreau, Paul Feig, Jim Gaffigan, Christopher Guest, Chris Hardwick, Penn Jillette, Richard Kind, Lisa Kudrow, Richard Lewis, Marc Maron, Jim Norton, Opie & Anthony, Jason Reitman, Andy Richter, Bob Saget, David Wain, Alan Zweibel and many more.

“My hope is that we shed all new light on the pain behind the humor, but also uncover more about the minds and hearts of comedians than any of us think we know,” said Pollak.

“As a true fan of stand-up comedy, I wanted to produce this film to better understand the inner workings of the comic,” said Newhall. “Burton and I look forward to working with Kevin to help audiences gain insight into these amazing artists.”

Rick Vance

Seeing as Summer movie season is now it had me looking back and personally it was pretty great. Sure Superman and Star Trek were not got but everything else I chose to go to worked out.