Cinecast Episode 320 – Robin Wright 2.0

Keeping it rather short and sweet this week; but the kids are alright. Outside of our quick review of 2 Guns, we kind of just tease through some reviews for upcoming wide releases or show discussion topics. Mostly we just can’t wait for next week’s Blomkamp/Allen reviews. Still, we do manage to get through some talk about space Abyss, adult swim and another gander at Joe Wright’s Hanna.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!






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Full show notes are under the seats…




– Oops, missed an episode number
– No time tracks for a while (email me if this is a problem)
– Andrew on MatineeCast

Mark Wahlberg
The Other Guys

“Die by the Drop”
The Dead Weather




2 Guns




The Act of Killing
Europa Report
– “Archer”

The World’s End




– Blue Jasmine
– Elysium



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  1. ultimolee

    Time Track
    Pre-show Chit-Chat 8:40
    2 Guns Review [SPOILERS] 37:59
    Watch List
    Interuption – Family argument 57:42 – 60:49
    Watch List con’t… 1:26:57
    End Chatter 1:30:40

    I don’t know about anyone else but i only check the time track to find out if the main review is spoilerfied and if so when does it end.

    • Kurt Halfyard

      Thanks for posting the Time Tracks. Andrew will move them up into the main post when he gets a chance! You get the hero-cookie for this week, Ultimolee!

    • THANK YOU! Posted. Anyone who wants to do this each week I will call you out (and your site if applicable) each episode.

      Or just remind me when I see you someday and I’ll buy you a lemonade. Or a warm gin with a human hair in it. Your choice.

      • ultimolee

        I listen to the show every week, almost always on the day you post it. I can just do them as i listen if you want. Just mention before the main review(s) if it’s all spoilers so i can skip over.

        If the hero-cookie looks as good as that Shortbread you posted on twitter i’ll take double :D

        • Cool. I will try to always mention that. For this upcoming week, I can almost guarantee ELYSIUM and BLUE JASMINE will be very spoilerific!

  2. Kurt, what’s all this talk about Blue Jasmine coming here next week? I saw (and loved) it LAST WEEK at a packed house at the Varsity (believe me, it brought back memories of the days it was a TIFF venue).

    • Kurt Halfyard

      Dang. I’ve got to get on that. I’m out of the loop since getting back from Fantasia, but I did fine catch-up work today at Lightbox.

  3. If Kurt does not find the following scene hilarious, TED is not the film for him (some mild spoilers).

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