1. ultimolee says:

    Time Track
    Pre-show Chit-Chat 8:40
    2 Guns Review [SPOILERS] 37:59
    Watch List
    Interuption – Family argument 57:42 – 60:49
    Watch List con’t… 1:26:57
    End Chatter 1:30:40

    I don’t know about anyone else but i only check the time track to find out if the main review is spoilerfied and if so when does it end.

    • Kurt Halfyard says:

      Thanks for posting the Time Tracks. Andrew will move them up into the main post when he gets a chance! You get the hero-cookie for this week, Ultimolee!

    • Andrew James says:

      THANK YOU! Posted. Anyone who wants to do this each week I will call you out (and your site if applicable) each episode.

      Or just remind me when I see you someday and I’ll buy you a lemonade. Or a warm gin with a human hair in it. Your choice.

      • ultimolee says:

        I listen to the show every week, almost always on the day you post it. I can just do them as i listen if you want. Just mention before the main review(s) if it’s all spoilers so i can skip over.

        If the hero-cookie looks as good as that Shortbread you posted on twitter i’ll take double :D

  2. Sean Kelly says:

    Kurt, what’s all this talk about Blue Jasmine coming here next week? I saw (and loved) it LAST WEEK at a packed house at the Varsity (believe me, it brought back memories of the days it was a TIFF venue).

    • Kurt Halfyard says:

      Dang. I’ve got to get on that. I’m out of the loop since getting back from Fantasia, but I did fine catch-up work today at Lightbox.

  3. Sean Kelly says:

    If Kurt does not find the following scene hilarious, TED is not the film for him (some mild spoilers).


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