Teaser: How To Re-Train Your Dragon

How To Train Your Dragon 2

All right, so it’s probably not called How To Re-Train Your Dragon or How To Train Your Dragon, Too or How 2 Train 2 Dragons or anything else fun. But the teaser for Dreamworks’ How To Train Your Dragon 2 is here and it’s a beauty.

Let’s pause a second to admire the fact that this teaser is a complete sequence, which may or may not be in the film, which tells us nothing about the plot, but which gives us full gallop of the freewheeling, soaring-through-the-clouds value proposition of the first film while simultaneously assuring us that we’re in familiar, but evolved, territory. This is a masterful piece of marketing, aside from being a masterful piece of animation.

The Girl With The Trained Dragon Tat 2 arrives next summer.

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Kurt Halfyard

Now that hiccup is older, will he use the line to his GF, in a suggestive voice: “There’s a Lot of dragons out there, and they ALL have to be TRAINED…”


“How 2 Train 2 Dragons”

Genius! Somebody get this man a studio job!

Michael M

Blown away!!! The first flying scenes were the most incredible IMAX experience for me and eagerly waiting to have a better one.


Kurt, I’m really curious what you think the difference is between what’s in this trailer and the “punchy punchy” in Man of Steel. I find both incredibly boring and tedious. Why is it okay to like this but then be left cold by the other? Is it just this forced sense of whonder that this clip tries to convey?

Catherine Ross

It is definitely a masterful piece of animation… In fact, the entire movie is a treat for the senses!