1. Sean Kelly says:

    That INDEPENDENCE DAY video is pure nitpicking at its best.

  2. Michael M says:

    Absolutely :) I love Independence Day. It’s so much fun. Specially David Arnold’s iconic score.

    This Terrence Malick Stew video from CinemaSins is the best. :D

  3. Andrew James says:

    The cream of the crop in this post though is the guy explaining the sound swords make when drawn.

    I recommend checking out some of his other videos as well.

  4. Matthew Fabb says:

    I’m surprised Andrew that you didn’t include this screen test for Boba Fett from 1978:

    That video is so incredibly awesome. No point in seeing a Boba Fett solo movie if it every gets made. This video has given me anything I needed to see. :)

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