Mondays Suck Less in the Third Row

Check out these links:
Who would kill a tree?
Zac´╗┐ Galifiniakis, meet Mike Judge (laughter ensues)
Breaking Amish
“Weird” Al AMA!
V-ger discovers something odd
Great Canadian HOSER Cinema according to Kurt

















The poster for the first confirmed Dracula movie, Dracula’s Death (1920)




  1. That INDEPENDENCE DAY video is pure nitpicking at its best.

  2. Michael M

    Absolutely :) I love Independence Day. It’s so much fun. Specially David Arnold’s iconic score.

    This Terrence Malick Stew video from CinemaSins is the best. :D

  3. The cream of the crop in this post though is the guy explaining the sound swords make when drawn.

    I recommend checking out some of his other videos as well.

  4. I’m surprised Andrew that you didn’t include this screen test for Boba Fett from 1978:

    That video is so incredibly awesome. No point in seeing a Boba Fett solo movie if it every gets made. This video has given me anything I needed to see. :)

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