Friday One Sheet: Heaven’s Gate

Michael Cimino’s famous film that broke United Artists with his out of control spending and ultra-perfectionism. That he did this by spending $40M kind of puts things in perspective, when today a blockbuster can spend $100M on just marketing alone. But I digress. The film became a bit of a pile-on, and given enough time (and Z-Channel’s airing of the director’s cut in the 1990s), has found its way back from being a pariah of 1970s auteur filmmaking. With the tagline, “What one loves about life are the things that fade” and it’s gorgeous photographic motif of nature and reflection, this quad style poster is a winner, and a rather different way to sell the picture, which in the past, has typically employed American flags and bullet holes. Now I’m kind of itching to revisit Heaven’s Gate on Blu-Ray, or better yet, a restored 35mm print in the cinema.