“Man of Tai Chi” Trailer – Dir. Keanu Reeves

I like Keanu Reeves. Quite a bit actually. No he ain’t exactly Oscar bait material and I’m not always running out first thing Friday night to see what the guy is in next, but I admire him for his choices and his clear vision about what he wants to be and what he wants to do. He’s clearly into fantasy, sci-fi and martial arts and in almost all of his movies there is some element to one or all of those things. Sometimes it works like gang busters (The Matrix), sometimes not so much (Johnny Mnemonic) and sometimes somewhere in between (Constantine).

So yeah, the dude does what he wants and enjoys doing it. Last year he was interested in the art of film making and he helped make a film titled Side By Side in which he interviews a whole rainbow spectrum of actors, directors and cinematographers about the craft of film making. And it was somewhat interesting. Maybe it was a quick way for him to gather some insight, knowledge and even a few tricks for working behind the camera. Because Keanu is now a director.

As expected, Man of Tai Chi is chock full of martial arts. 18 different fight sequences if the buzz is to be believed – some including Keanu himself as a villain(?). Judging by the trailer, I’m not expecting a whole lot. Just another version of The Raid with a slightly higher concept. Still, it looks fun enough and utilizes the same stunt and choreography team used in the The Matrix series.

I still like Reeves. Whoa.

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David Brook

Awesome. It looks pretty cheesy, but in a no-nonsense, pure action spectacular kind of way. Which sounds good to me.