Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Season 2)

Against better judgement, but totally worth it, I stayed up very late last night after discovering this little gem from Jerry Seinfeld. Am I just late to the party? Is there a reason I’ve not heard of this internet show before? Because it’s pretty damn great. “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” pits Seinfeld and some other famous funny face together to just shoot the bull (most often to hilarious results) while driving to some small cafe or diner for coffee.

It’s a great concept. Fans of Britain’s “The Trip” may find some similarities here; though this has rotating characters and a much less scripted feel. Season one (I’m almost finished) was a ball. Michael Richards talking about losing to a bum in chess. Ricky Gervais fearing for his life. Alec Baldwin telling Jerry where and why his career is where it’s at. Carl Reiner perpetuating alcoholism. It’s all here and it’s all gold. And it’s all Free!

Each episode is between ten and seventeen minutes so it’s easy to whip through a season in one evening. Which I already did. So that’s why I’m excited about season 2, which starts tomorrow! Looks like it has even bigger names and bigger laughs – watching Chris Rock and Seinfeld getting pulled over should be a treat. The trailer for season 2 is below. Why is no one talking about this?

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  1. Yeah, I didn’t really like this. Way too much navel gazing and the heavily produced nature of the show gives it a very weird, almost fake and out dated vibe to the show.

    I’ll gladly just keep listening to Maron who does this thing far better. Maybe I shouldn’t compare the two, but I really can’t help it.

      • I guess my issue is I don’t have any clear idea what the intentions of this show truly are.

        It’s pretty clearly a car commercial, and it’s a lot of Seinfeld getting paid to hang out with his friends by way of a completely disigenuous setup. But I’m not seeing a lot of actual meaningful conversation and the laughs aren’t anything special. It’s nothing greater than what you’d see on The Tonight Show.

        The show is just really empty and seems more interested in getting something online (because that’s the future!) but rather than focus on content it is more concerned with writing a show to fit a sponsor.

        Seinfeld has more resources and talent then probably anyone right now, he should be aiming for something higher than rote. Hell, he should be ashamed that’s all this is.

        • I half agree with you. There isn’t much to it. But I don’t really see it as much of a car commercial. It’s sponsored by Acura (which I didn’t even realize until after my third episode viewing and I happened to catch closing credits), but so far he hasn’t talked about anything made by Acura and all the cars he drives are pretty much unavailable to most people. So the car thing doesn’t feel like product placement to me at all; but rather a jumping off place for some banter.

          But sure, there’s nothing “meaningful” in here at all (except the Michael Richards episode). It’s just a bunch of guys hanging out. It’s fun to see Reiner/Brooks acting like typical old men in an old folks home (watching Jeopardy, eating, falling asleep, talking about the old days). One episode, I can’t remember which, Jerry says, and now I’m going to pick up my friend X, he’s a comedian and a master at the “art of hanging out.” Since I’m all about hangin’ out movies, this is basically what this is – except clearly improvised and then the best bits are picked out.

          If I laugh three times in a ten minute span, then I call this show a success. Though I agree there’s nothing overly deep and nothing hilarious, it’s far different than any talk show in which they tell some preplanned bullshit story and then talk about how fun it was to work with so and so and a (not very) funny thing that happened on set one day. This show shows the guys’ (and gals) intelligence and ability to quip on their toes. I am highly entertained for 10-15 minutes as I like all these people. Good deal for me – I don’t really care what it’s “intentions are.”

          • I also laugh whenever they mention the crew around. The Super Dave bit about constantly asking how he ranks among guests so far is great. And then asking the sound guy for ten bucks.

  2. Watched all of Season 1 last night in a single sitting. I got many huge belly laughs from the first 5 episodes, then it sort of petered off. The ‘classic car’ thing is a tad forced, as is the narration of the title, but the conversations and foibles of Jerry & Friends is pretty funny. I love that he got MST3K’s Joel onto the show among many of the much more famous guests.

    Of course, Alec Baldwin is suave and awesome, “We’re going to have to leave this waitress a $1000 tip…”

    • Yeah I actually think the Michael Richards one is the best, but I got the most laughs from Super Dave.

      The car stuff is mildly funny, especially the way Jerry explains each car. “If you’re severely lacking in humility, this is the car. For you.” Also, they’re used as starters for conversation or bits. Especially with Michael Richards, Ricky Gervais and Carl Reiner.

      I’m really looking forward to season 2 which starts today.


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