Trailer: Prisoners (aka WHERE’S. MY. DAUGHTER.)

Ratcheting up tension of police procedural and parental vigilantism, the phrase “Where’s. My Daughter.” threatens to become an internet meme with Hugh Jackman’s delivery in Prisoners. Joking aside, I believe that this film is worth a look for it’s wonderful cast: Along with Jackman, there is Viola Davis, Maria Bello, Jake Gyllenhaal, Terrence Howard and Melissa Leo. More importantly, helming the picture is Denis Villeneuve, director of the exceptional Incendies, as well as a lengthy resume of challenging Canadian dramas (his school shooting flick Polytechnique is both haunting and experimental.) This being a larger studio picture (with Roger Deakins shooting it) the drama looks a tad bit over-baked. Couple that with with Gyllenhaal as lead investigator, this is a far cry from Zodiac 2; but that may just be the trailer talking. I cannot wait to see this one in September, expect it to play at TIFF in conjunction with its commercial release.