Kids Talk Film #19: Jaws

After bugging/begging me for some time to watch Jaws, and the long-time-coming upgrade of our home theatre equipment to 1080p/Blu, we desided to christen the re-opening with a trip to Amity Island and a boat ride on the Orca with Team Spielberg. Afterwards, in sunny suburbia, my son and I have a chat about the ins, outs and whathaveyous of the movie, the diets of Great White Sharks, the hubris of grizzled sea captains and the reliability of municipal politicians. *Note Spoilers* within the below video if a 40 year old film can be spoiled at this point.

This is a part of an ongoing series of short film discussion videos in which I take the kids to see stuff without the Pixar/Disney label attached. Enjoy.

Further Episodes (as well as the Studio Ghibli Marathon done for can be found at the Kids Talk Film Vimeo Channel.

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James Gillham

Good one. 🙂 How perceptive of Willem to tune into the importance of the element of surprise in horror films.

I wonder — did you make him wait a year to watch it because you didn’t have the blu-ray, or were you afraid if you showed it to him too early he might be too frightened? Also, are there any other grown-up movies are on his list that you’re making him wait to see?


Thanks James! The long answer is that we try to do all of these films as a first viewing in the cinema on the big screen, and it was coming for a week run in Toronto last July, so I said we’d wait. It unfortunately was badly timed with our trip out to Calgary, so we missed it, and I was hoping that it would come back for an encore run (Ironically it was just announced that that will happen in September…for TIFF Lightbox’s Endless Summer series),

but the short answer is when I switch the system up to Blu-Ray resolution it was in the first batch of discs I bought, and after Willem shot his first horror short film with some local filmmakers, I figured, if he can be in a horror film, we had better well watch Jaws.

Glad he liked it so much, and we’ll be back at the Cinema in September to take it in (with his sister, and her dolly-dee) on the Big Screen…