1. Rick Vance says:

    I will begin with I love you guys, and the fact that I don’t really have an interest in seeing Room 237 however I will listen to people talk about that movie and movies like it for hours.

    Be back later with some crazy Upstream Color stuff (is that released in Canada or am I going to have to Amazon.com that?)

  2. Rick Vance says:

    So to me Upstream Color ended up being an opposite Primer with the same theme and goals just completely different paths to get there.

    What made Primer so refreshing is that in most cases Time Travel movies position their main character as someone with a great deal of influence and the entire concept of a Time Paradox was created by the fact that singular people were so important that the entire scheme of the world was altered just because they no longer existed.

    Primer decided brilliantly that the concept of that is bullshit. It instead proposed a world in which the universe is a very durable thing and if you decide to muck around with it you won’t outwardly break the system down, the system will grind you to pulp.

    Which kinda unsurprisingly now ties into Kurt’s entire read on Upstream Color.

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