Cinecast Episode 306 – Shameless Ridiculousness

Are we an effective team? We are arguably more effective than the mediocrity of the Kosinski/Cruise assembly squad insofar as we seem to be in agreement on Oblivion. (SPOILERS!) The popcorn science fiction takes a lot of leaps, but it never really lands on particularly solid (or fertile) ground due to similarities to so many other things. We recap yet another compelling episode of “Game of Thrones” (SPOILERS!) where we praise just about every element of the show, even the Dragon Lady. The Watch List segment hits the highs and lows of our respective local film festivals: HotDocs and Mpls Int’l Festival. After recording an entire commentary track on Twilight, Matt enlightens us with his true feelings on Catherine Hardwicke’s first kick at the can in the the sparkly vampire saga. Early David Mamet comes under question with the last 20 minutes of House of Games. And we have a look at a web reality-series that bucks the trend of meanness and goes for generosity. Nice.

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– Thanks to Nat Almirall for the above comic still for the Cinecast!!
Twilight Commentary Track
– Matt on Cities ’97 radio show

Tom Cruise









– season 3, episode 4
– Theme music performed by Lyle Anderson on the UW-Madison Carillon. The carillon was originally dedicated in 1936 and has 56 bells ranging in size from 15 to 6,823 pounds. Anderson has been UW-Madison’s official carillonneur for almost 30 years.




House of Games
– “Elementary” (season 1, episode 1)
The Fifth Season (MSPIFF)
After Lucia (MSPIFF)

The Sound of My Voice
The Queen of Versailles
The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne (HotDocs)
Our Nixon (HotDocs)

– “Strip Search”




– The East
– Byzantium
– Spanish Prisoner
– “The Walking Dead”




– Mud
– Blancanieves
– Pain and Gain



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      • We’d have to define emotionally abusive. Just because he doesn’t want to participate in a social life with his family and therefore does them want him to?
        I think it’s more the part of his wife, due to her unacknowledged guilt, that let it seems that way.
        Also who wants to blame him for that?
        At least he’s the only one that seems to have a sense of redemption.

  1. Did you also like how the Allen ship didn’t notice that clone 49 was flying clone 52’s bubble ship. I agree with you guys that it wasn’t a bad movie but Andrew is correct in saying there are a bunch of things to nitpick, ifelt the screenplay was just sloppy

  2. The character of Daenerys in Game of Thrones could be said to be the strongest character in the show, or, at least, the one that has had real character development. Compare her first scenes in season one, as a timid little doll being bought and sold, to the final scene in the last episode where she’s fully empowered leader of men and kicking major arse – and the personal and literal journey she has navigated between the two points.
    An underrated character in certain sections of GoT fandom, largely thanks to some season two water-treading scenes amid the Red Waste, and a few dodgy line readings (though she’s hardly the worst offender). She (Emilia Clarke/Dany) has really come into her own of late, and – in point of undeniable fact – is owning season three.

    Natalie Dormer is also, finally, coming to the fore in a wonderfully judged performance as the shrewd and canny operator Margaery – the closest GoT gets to a subtle character! It’s interesting to go back to the previous season and observe the character watchfully circle the periphery.
    Diana Rigg is also awesome, and the scene with her vs Varys was just brilliant.

  3. Are you guys planning to review Iron Man 3? Like you two, I have not been a fan of the series ( and Marvel films in general). However, this has Shane freaking Black behind it. To me, that is enough to warrant a ticket purchase.

    Also, is the show no longer live streaming?

    • I plan on skipping IRONMAN 3, there is no voice in the filmmaking since and including Ironman1. The Marvel-Studios Moviemaking Machine trumps everything and this bores the shit out of me. Even Joss Whedon, who has come the closest since the Disney/Marvel merger, still had tonnes of useless marvel bullshit to wade thru. No Thanks.

  4. I shall point out that every complaint Kurt laid at the feet of Twilight he defended last week from Andrew saying the exact same things about Watchmen.

    • Man of Steel looks to be channeling the same mopey, colour-drained emo-porn vibe as Twilight, while we’re about it. Only diff is it’s targeted more at adolescent males than females.

        • I’d love to agree with most of this, but at least Watchmen has some competent actors and a few of the scenes on their own work really well. Twilight is just a piece of shit in just about every regard outside of cinematography.

          I do agree that Watchmen is a shallow look at big ideas. Once again, it should be a 12 hour (or more) series and they tried to shove it all into 160 minutes. And on top of that, added “needless bloat” like you said.

  5. Stephen Moffat, a solid british writer, wrote the opening episodes of each series of Sherlock, which, I thought, were great. The other episodes failed to maintain the high standard of those two, for me.

    Plus I think most of Holmes’ and Mycroft’s deductions which are not related to the case in an episode are cheats, i.e. not backed up by anything in the way of evidence.

    They might as well say something about Watson like ‘he clearly shagged an alien, then brushed his teeth with whores urine’ and have Watson look at them thinking ‘how did they know that?’. It’s all bollocks.

    Moffat is currently showrunning Doctor Who. You should check out an episode of his called ‘Asylum Of The Daleks’, which has a very clever idea at it’s heart.

  6. I saw SOUND OF MY VOICE completely blind when it played last year at the Bell Lightbox (I don’t think the run was that long). I remember liking the film. I didn’t realize it was the same people who made ANOTHER EARTH (which I only saw for the first time recently) until after the fact.

    I’m quite interested in checking out THE EAST. Hopefully I can squeeze it into my busy viewing schedule.

  7. I made a rule for myself about TV recently in that I have so many things I want to watch and re-watch that if I do ever find myself watching an episode of some random hour long procedural I stop throw in the Soprano DVD I am currently on and watch an episode of that.


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