Cinecast Episode 304 – Beware Movies That Are Named After Songs

A ‘Biggie Size’ episode of the Cinecast has Matt Gamble return to heap copious praise upon Mad Men and Game of Thrones. Never one to disappoint, he gets into fisticuffs with Kurt over the Evil Dead remake and ancient tomes made out of human skin. Andrew moderates like a champ and tries his utmost to keep the other two from fondling each others buttons in a delightful display of homoerotic movie-nerd posturing. Ahem. Before that business, there is a pleasant conversation on Derek Cianfrance’s A Place Beyond The Pines, as well as some home-theatre (and Blu Ray) discussion. It appears that Kurt will finally be joining movie fandom in the 21st century by going BLU. The Watchlist has a little Dwayne Johnson, a little Matt Damon, as well as the Activist Dude and “Food Insecurity” in America. We also talk a bit about the trailers for the Carrie remake as well as Elysium.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song at AMC Southdale (Q&A with JS and Andrew James)
– New “High and Low Brow” episode upcoming

Kevin Kline
A Fish Called Wanda

“Please Stay”
The Cryin’ Shames




Evil Dead | Kurt’s review
The Place Beyond the Pines




The Rundown

The Informant!
A Place At The Table (aka Finding North)

Mad Men Season 6 Premiere




– Season 3, episode 2




Carrie trailer
Elysium trailer




– Trance
– To the Wonder
– 42



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  1. Sorry. No downloadable version of the VIDEO Cinecast today. YouTube saw the trailer I play in the middle of the episode and flagged it as copyright infringement. But feel free to watch the embedded version of the show above.

  2. Forgot to mention the score in PLACE/PINES. I really liked the eerie aggressiveness yet restrained nature of the guitar chords at the right places (particularly in the church). And I liked the lack of score/soundtrack where it needed to be.

    Again, the movie is a really great watch. It’s just that nothing sticks with you post-screening.

  3. It’s always pleasant to hear nice things regarding The Rundown. It seems like a movie which has been forgotten and is still to this day an underrated action flick. Was pretty excited about Peter Berg as an action director after first seeing this since the action is so kinetic, fun, and cleanly shot for the most part. Unfortunately have found his other films with action elements to be more of a mixed bag like The Kingdom & Hancock (never bothered to see Battleship).

  4. Re 1080p home theatre PC’s, about 4(?) years ago I bought a £150 pc called an Acer Aspire Revo. It plays 1080p internet content and blu rays, via an external blu ray drive, effortlessly and has digital and analogue audio out and HDMI. I use it as my internet / video pc.

    It contains an Nvidia Ion video processor, cheap but mega powerful. I don’t know if they still make Ion as the last time I upgraded it’s drivers it updated using the latest geforce drivers.

    If I’d known Kurt was in the market for something like this I’d’ve mentioned it.

    You’re going to love blu ray Kurt. Even animated shows like Archer look awesome and miles better than DVD.

    • My PC laptop does not have a Blu-ray drive. One of the things I would’ve done differently in retrospect (but I was trying to go cheap). However, it does have an HDMI out so I hook it up to the TV and watch 1080p content all the time. It’s great for downloaded content.

      I didn’t know I could get an external Blu-ray drive. Good to know – I’ll look into that!

      • My external drive is an internal Pioneer drive which I use via a £5 adapter from Startech, an American company, and an eSATA cable (as the drive offers outstanding performance).

        They do make usb etc external drives. I’d go for a usb3 drive in terms of future proofing.

        On checking I bought the acer just under 6 years ago. Still going strong despite workhorse levels of use.

  5. For me the documentary Fork Over Knives was the final push for me to decide to be, if not full Vegetarian, then about 90%. Actually it inspired me to read the book it was based on, The China Study, which was the real catalyst. A phenomenal, eye-opening book about the adverse health effects of meat and dairy.

    • I can easily give up milk, I don’t drink much of it these days anyway, 1L per month at most, but I’d never relinquish meat-eating.

      • from your cold dead hands…

        the book does not say to stop eating meat full-stop, just eat it sparingly, over a certain threshold it fucks up your system.

        • I think refined sugars (The Informant!) have caused way more ‘mordern malaise’ in peoples health than eating fresh meat (even that from factory-abattoirs)

          • sure, as a diet suggestion they are saying primarily whole food vegetables and fruit. I agree with the evidence in the book enough to eat less meat and dairy, but it comes not from any ideological stance (I have never been one to care for the animals) and I LOVE burgers and shakes. The Mamo guys mentioned Ebert had a stake in a franchise by that name saying it was his favorite food joint, in his review of Forks Over Knives, I guess he recanted it:

            “What every human being should do is eat a vegetarian diet based on whole foods. Period. That’s it. Animal protein is bad for you. Dairy is bad for you. Forget the ads: Milk and eggs are bad for you. Skim milk is no better, because it contains proportionately more animal protein. What you’re trying to avoid is dietary cholesterol. You also need to cut way down on salt and sugar, and run like hell from high fructose corn syrup.”

          • Well, excuse my language– but fuck that! Seriously, is there anything we can eat anymore? Soy is healthy…. oh wait, it increases your chances of getting cancer; whole wheat bread is healthy…actually, it just a bit better than white bread; e.t.c.

            I think we are overestimating how long humans have eaten healthy. Looking at the history of human consumption, humans have pretty much only eaten “healthy” (in the developed word) maybe for a generation or two–i.e., the middle of twentieth-century in the USA.

            And, despite all the shit we are consuming on the daily basis, for most parts of the world, humans are living longer than ever before.

            To summarize my feelings: Yes, there are healthy, food problems around the developed world– but I do not think we are dealing with an apocalyptic trend. That is my two cents on the issue.

          • I come at it from a position of already having a fucked up digestive system, and can appreciate the fact that I don’t need to die before the issue of considering what I eat and how it might affects my health, matters. Ulcerous pains are enough of an incentive to care.

            Also Antho, you are young, when I was young I could give a fuck, I ate anything and everything and the wear on my system was not immediately apparent… The first antacids I ever took was near my 30th birthday. And it has been a fast decent ever since. I choose vegetarian for quality of life and it doesn’t feel like a chore because I am not overly dogmatic about it. Like I said, I still eat meat, I eat cheese, I just don’t have meat three meals a day like I used to.

            There is an impulse to draw meaning from generalizations about health, like below, we always ate meat so it must be fine, or mortality rates are higher so meat is fine, and I think in these wider perspectives there are more variables it is harder to draw a causal link, so I don’t really think much one way or the other of this noise… The China Study is more convincing because the analysis has a wealth of statistical evidence in finer detail that each of the 8,000+ significant associations made help build upon one another this case for causation. But I am also suspicious of statistics alone, and what convinces me most is Campbell’s lab results with caesin protein in rat diets.

            and Jonathan, a Five Guys Burgers arrived in Toronto about a half a year ago, that burger is heaven. And I think I am paying for it presently the far too many times I have frequented it. But no doubt it is delicious.

        • I’m just going to quote Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential here:

          “To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, demi-glace, or even stinky cheese is a life not worth living. Vegetarians are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit, and an affront to all I stand for, the pure enjoyment of food.”

          • The latest scary food reports in the UK were that the phenomenal levels of salt in bread and breakfast cereals (etc) cause stomach cancer and that smoked meats increase levels of cancer and / or dying or some such grim shit.

            I’m a vegetarian but eating fresh foods, including a moderate amount of sugar, meat etc is probably a sensible course.

            Now if only I could cure my addiction to sugar filled coke, dr pepper etc. (as the sweetener in diet drinks causes alzheimers etc).

            Fcuk it, I’ll probably get run over by a bus.

          • There is an endless barage of Health journalism to fill papers and that includes clinging to any new speculation and giving the public something to worry about – I get that. Again, the noise. Doesn’t mean there is not a signal buried somewhere in the scientific evidence worth considering.

    • I have not read that ‘china study’ but there are no objective studies. Every single one is finaly formed to show what the framer wants to say.
      Working as a chef for 20 years i can say with a good conscience that animal proteins are not bad for the human body. In fact they are essential. I agree with the balanced nutrition.
      But i also have to state that most likely almost every kind of vegtable that you can buy is more loaded with contaminates and barely contains any vitamines. (Unless you grow it in your own garden). Meat still does.
      Going pure vegetarian or vegan isn’t as healthy as everyone wants to believe and animal proteins aren’t as bad.
      Anthropology proves it, otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

      • A distinction: there is The China-Cornell-Oxford Project known as the China Study, the most comprehensive epidemiological study ever conducted, and there is Colin Campbell’s book, The China Study, of which the evidence of that study is one chapter of a larger survey of evidence, including his own peer-reviewed published work with caesin carcinogenic effects in rats. Campbell was one of the lead scientists of the China Study, a Cornell biochemist who has authored over 300 research papers, has worked directly with American Institute for Cancer Research as a senior scientific advisor, and if you read his words or listen to him talk you will pick up instantly that this guy is not a quack.

        You say there are no objective studies, that is a pretty broad statement. Instead of data analysis, you call into evidence, anthropology… which doesn’t make sense for a lot of reasons, one being, the amounts of meat and dairy intake that are occurring, particularly in affluent countries has spiked considerably in the modern era, and it is not so much meat and dairy per se that can affect one’s health, but over a certain threshold, the evidence shows that the caesin protein in this food source is carcinogenic. Certain Illnesses are on the rise in part because our intake of meat and dairy has never been so easily affordable and glutinous.

        The whole ‘balanced nutrition’ campaign of the four food groups had more to do with politics than science. In the book, Campbell lays a whooping on the Nurses Health Study that all of this nonsense hinges upon. It is also talked about at length in the documentary.

        There was an attack made on Campbell’s China Study by someone online that he responded to, and the interplay of those two positions lays out both a concise ‘in’ for the content of his work, and the character he imbues in his writing. Worth a read (you have to scroll down a bit:

        • I agree and while perhaps I have not read ALL of them, I am pretty confident that none of them are as comprehensive as The China Study, because it was a fluke, a whim of a dying Communist leader, where it wasn’t focused on just a few isolated issues, but a plethora of epidemiological data from people of different ages, class, geographic regions, sex – in the end they found over 8000 statistically significant associations.

        • A study can never be objective.
          And while i’m not further defending that fact, i wont admit defeat just by doing so.
          The point is that i’m not a native speaker and that discussion would be hard enough to do in a non written form in my own language.
          Doing it in a foreign one with having to look up specific terms or words every five to ten seconds wont help me at all.
          But think about personal agendas of the researcher and the observer effect and you’ll get where i’m coming from Matt. You’re smart enough.

          • Sure i have. That are those books i get for 3.99 from my local comic shop, right?

            Maybe things are defined differenty in our countries Matt.
            A scientific paper may be based on a study, but isn’t neccesarly. A study may not be released as a scientific paper.
            Apple and oranges in my opinion.
            But for the sake of it, like stated above, i don’t feel like i can have this discussion in this kind of form.
            Therefore you are right.

  6. Kurt – on the Canada comment, I know you meant it as a joke, fuck you 🙂 Sorry, had to be said

    On the Blu-ray talk – I upgraded to Blu a few years ago when we bought a PS3 but rather than upgrading all my DVDs, I’ve slowly been replacing the ones I want on Blu (or randomly like when I discovered that my copy of Goodfellas was on a two sided DVD). First Blu – BOOK OF ELI which I bought before we upgraded to the PS3 because we knew we’d be upgrading soon.

    I just bought a new PC. Had seriously considered upgrading our iMac instead but decided to go with a Lenovo Y580 which came loaded with Blu-ray and HDMI. Along with our smart TV, I can pretty much watch anything on my TV. LOVE

    GoT – thank god for Matt. He and I are exactly on the same page with Margaery. And nice catch on Natalie Dormer. She’s fantastic and very good here.

    The funeral thing is a huge deviation from the book. I’m assuming it’s a way to extend that storyline and how the rest of the plot unfolds with those characters.

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying the show is better (I still prefer the books) but you guys nailed it: they’re two different things and most fans seem thrilled to have both.

  7. I don’t agree that Game of Thrones isn’t about anything. It is about people reacting to their environment. That may not have a single overarching message however it still opens the show up for a multitude of thematic content that goes beyond the surface plot.

    • Some day someone will have to outline these themes for me, because other than the dog-eat-dog libertarian (Thacher?) sense of outlook, I’m not entirely sure I see anything in the show.

      But, like the BBC’s 1970s I, CLAUDIUS, there is so much great plot and characters (and acting) in there that the show is still magnificent for what it is.

      • Outside of all Criterion Blu-rays, would recommend picking up Zodiac on Blu… that is some eye candy. Also Alien on blu is something to behold.

        • We’re doing Blu-ray recommendations? Well I’d echo rot’s call out of Zodiac and Alien. They are fantastic looking!

          Star Wars is an extremely surreal and eye opening experience.
          Miami Vice
          Fantasia 2000
          Paris, Texas
          The Thin Red Line
          new Almodovar

      • Speed Racer is my favorite blu-ray. Kurt, I know you think you’ve seen it when you saw it at the Underground. But you haven’t yet. It’s cheap as fuck, pick it up if you see it somewhere.

        Most of my favorite blu-rays are of 70s films, which with a good transfer take on an even more alien quality than they arleady have by appearing ‘new’. So A Clockwork Orange, Rocky Horror Picture Show.. movies I loved, are even better now.

          • Focusing on a list of blu’s with the best picture quality is a red herring. For me the buying criteria for blu’s is how much I enjoy them as films / shows. The quality of picture and sound will generally be great.

            A stunning looking turd is still a turd despite being presented in all it’s steaming glory with all it’s fine details intact.

            If your new setup doesn’t decode the new hd audio formats simply buy a Panasonic blu player from it’s current range (around a hundred dollars I’d imagine) and it’ll do the heavy lifting / decoding so that your current home cinema amp can play the new formats.

            The pleasant surprise for me about blu is how truly awesome hd soundtracks are. Film is a visual medium but audio is equally important in persuading the audience to sink into a films world for two hours.

    • I don’t think GoT is all that deep but I’ll throw in with Rick that the way the expansive GoT Westeros/Essos world works says a lot more about how you are shaped by your surroundings more than any other big fantasy world story.

  8. It’s been nearly exactly 3 years since I upgraded to blu-ray. There’s only a small handful of films I’ve upgraded from DVD (i.e. Donnie Darko, Aliens, Death Proof, Inglourious Basterds – the latter two being part of the Tarantino box set).

    I’ve actually been more concerned with upgrading films I only own on VHS. In fact, Memento (which was one of my most watched VHS tapes) was one of the first films I bought on blu-ray.

    Usually when I upgrade, I keep an eye out for sales, where I can get a film I already own and a film I don’t own together for one low price.

  9. Anything in Disney’s Platinum collection, classic 2D animation, is superbly remastered and shines on Blu-ray.

    I also think the other Ridley Scott sci-fi films- Prometheus and Blade Runner-look amazing on Blu-ray.

  10. Saw THE PLACE BEFORE THE PINES this afternoon and returned to the episode to listen to the review. While there is nothing really I have to add, I do want to answer Andrew’s question and say that the Police Chief was played by Robert Clohessy, who is probably best known for replacing Edie Falco on the HBO series OZ (after she left in season 3 to move on to THE SOPRANOS). He was also in the the two seasons of BOARDWALK EMPIRE.


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