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Ky in Boston

Lou Loumenick is the worst. He wrote a disgusting piece on Heath Ledger just hours after his body was found. A classless man.

R.I.P. Roger

Robert Reineke

That was a good episode guys. Thanks for that.

I’ll add that I do think the “Great Movies” series was one of the points where he started thinking about his legacy and leaving his mark on films that were around long before he started reviewing, and I’ve always found that to be some of his best criticism.


This is in the top 10 Mamos.


I’ve always looked at one aspect of Mamo! as in the spirit of Ebert, you guys have a pretty swell ability to see the best in things, are far more generous than critical, and save up ire to go double barrels at a very select few things that are important to raise ire against.

Being generous is a very difficult thing, especially in the knee jerk world of the internet (certainly beyond my ken far too often), and it is worth maybe letting a mediocre thing or two slide (eg. many a film in Ebert’s reviews was given the total nice guy pass that was perhaps undeserving) in the interest of being positive and welcoming folks to the table.

matthew price

awww…. thank you, sir.

Sean Kelly

I wish I watched more Siskel and Ebert growing up, though it was always scheduled so late at night.

It’s a real shame that after being on the air for over 20 years, the show only lasted 3 years post-Ebert (I never saw the attempted revival in 2011).