Cinecast Episode 302 – You’re Here and Something Happens

Welcome back to our bread and butter; i.e. a nice and healthy 2+ hour conversation on everything relevant and totally not relevant in the cinema world today. We start by addressing some concerns about the nature and format of our show after learning how to dupe governments, Hollywood studios, ISPs and Netflix into letting us see whatever we damn well please with their various regional services. We diverge a little from normal show content to talk about the current state of film marketing these days and how it influences (or doesn’t influence) our decisions about which films to see and pay for. From there we have a healthy Watch List this week that includes a very young and talented up-and-coming actor by the name of Jeff Daniels. Also films that should have a cult following by now, comic book movies that get better with age and lastly, Shane Carruth’s (Primer) latest project: Upstream Color. Oh, and what’s a Cinecast without a little bit of talk about the Nazis?

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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Christopher Lloyd and Peter Boyle
The Dream Team

“Happy Ending”
The Strokes




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– Film marketing and influence (posters and trailers)




Something Wild

Aeon Flux
The Name of the Rose
Upstream Color




Ender’s Game poster
– funny Netflix image
Samsung Keynote address at Radio City Music Hall
Domino’s keynote address




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Rick Vance

So I don’t know if you guys have gone back to it but is Kurt going to do Game of Thrones weekly this year.


Rick Vance

Also this will give you something to talk about for 10 weeks straight on the first show guaranteed.

I must say that as someone who has read the book Season 3 will be a particularly dangerous one to avoid what happens in it for the year it will take the Blu-Rays to come out.

Advice to everyone who hasn’t read the books don’t even go to the IMDB for the episode titles for this season.


Okay, I’ll say it: Andrew James’ opinions are generally terrible.

Markus Krenn

Could’nt resist.

Sean Kelly

As I said (to the annoyance of Matt Gamble) when I was on the show a few weeks ago, everyone has the right to their own opinion (whether you agree with it or not).


Could not disagree more about your opinion of Andrews opinions.

Nat Almirall

Kurtford: I keep harping on Asphalt Jungle because that discussion was promised because of the first homework semester. To your credit, you did see The Long Goodbye after I harped on that. The movie I really want to hound you on is The Late Show.

Nat Almirall

And I know Michael Lonsdale best as the investigator Lebel in Day of the Jackal. Gotta love that wake-up scene.


[…] Also at Row Three, The Cinecast has been humming along rather well under their two-shows-a-week format, something they take a moment and discuss during episode 302. […]

Sean Kelly

Kurt, Upstream Color doesn’t open at the Lightbox until April 12 and the Skype Q&A is at the 7:40 screening on April 13.

Sean Kelly
Markus Krenn

Now i wanna buy the garden state one and send it to Kurt 😉

Kurt Halfyard

You’re a bad bad man. I’d just use it to start a camp-fire….

Sean Kelly

On the subject of original Netflix series, you should have mentioned HEMLOCK GROVE, which will be posted to Netflix in only three weeks (on April 19).

HEMLOCK GROVE is a supernatural horror show, with a plot highly reminiscent of TWIN PEAKS. The recognizable names associated with the show include Famke Janssen, Lili Taylor, and Dougray Scott (and, in an obvious effort to attract the TRUE BLOOD crowd, Alexander Skarsgård’s younger brother Bill is one of the leads).

Eli Roth directs the pilot and his name is being used heavily in the promotion of the show.

Here is the trailer:

Rick Vance

Did I hear correctly Kurt use ‘media savvy’ and ‘People from the 50s’ in the same sentence?

Tony D'Amico

I’m guessing Kurt didn’t watch the DVD of Aeon Flux, but there was a featurette about the set design, which I agree is awesome looking. But most of the set were actual buildings in Germany that were built during the early cold war I believe ( don’t quote me on that, I watched it about 3 years ago), but if you haven’t seen it it’s pretty interesting.

Looking forward to your Spring Breakers review, I’ve seen it twice already, and it’s fucking amazing IMO.


Hey guys, big fan of the show, but at the moment a little behind on the playlist.

I was pleasently surprised to find Kurt talking name of the rose. A couple days ago, I went for a trip to the monastery where they shot most of the indoor scenes (, Germany).
People there told us, robe wearing connery was bitchin because they shot in winter with no windows. To keep him satisfied, they had to serve him wine from from his year of birth from their own winery.

Keep doing what you’re doing. I like your pinky-and-the brain-like chemistry!