Trailer: You’re Next

God bless the perfectly cut and executed trailer. I choose my words carefully, because Adam Wingard’s You’re Next does all of these things, minus the God and the bless; The marketing offers a little Lou Reed, a little crossbow, and a little invasion mayhem in the middle of a family reunion. And the film certainly lives up to the hype. You’re Next was a major surprise in the 2011 Midnight Madness programme, and the powers that be are finally giving the film a proper cinema release. By hook or by crook, find your way to a movie theatre with a bunch of like-minded folks and give this one a watch.

Audrey and Rob invite their four children, and their significant others, to a remote mansion in the countryside for a family reunion slash 35th wedding anniversary. They are delighted everyone shows up, if a bit apprehensive of the usual family bickering and posturing for a slice or a handout from Rob’s rather large estate. Little do they expect a crew of Wicker Man animal-mask wearing thugs to start shooting up the place with crossbows and stalking the family with machetes and axes. What ensues is not your run of the mill slasher fix, nor the typical Cabin in the Woods story.

Kurt’s Review.

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Sean Kelly

I loved the film when I saw it at Midnight Madness and I will gladly pay to see it AGAIN in theatres when it comes out.


This trailer had me as soon as Lou Reed started playing. 🙂