“A Clockwork Orange” Reboot? “Alex” will Hit Theaters Next Year

Another case here of “I don’t know much about it but I’m fascinated to learn more. I found this little droogie over at Quiet Earth and simply had to share. It looks like someone is trying to reboot or maybe sort of remix Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. Now one might think most would immediately scream blasphemy at even the thought of such an idea. And given that A Clockwork Orange is my favorite movie of all time (and Kubrick my favorite director), you might think I’d be among them. And yet…

There’s an interesting idea at the heart here and I for one can’t wait to seek this out somewhere next year when it hits theaters. After viewing the trailer it seems clear that writer/director Florian Frerichs isn’t trying to capitalize on Kubrick; but rather paying a low budget homage here. I like the time period, setting and look of this future. Plus the fact that the plot seems to stem from finding an old VHS copy of A Clockwork Orange warms my heart (reminds a little of Human Centipede II no?).

In the near future the society of a megalopolis is divided into two fractions: on one side a super-rich minority, led by the ruthless dictator Lucius (Werner Daehn), living a life of debauchery and decadence. On the other side the vast majority, dwelling in different degrees of nearly unbearable poverty.

When the young Frederick (Nikolai Kinski) comes in possession of the partial copy of a long forbidden Stanley Kubrick movie, it sparks a growing movement amongst the city’s formerly aimless youths, developing fast into serious opposition to the ruling system, which retaliates with rapidly increasing brutality. Frederick becomes Alex, his friends the new droogs. But are they even aware of the consequences of their actions?

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As soon as they started speaking English I was out. Made it feel like a joke. Something about its attempt to be an uncanny homage really gets under my skin in a creepy way, specifically the moloko vellocet scene.