Cinecast Episode 301 – The Sniff Test

It’s just not worth it dammit; it’s just. not. worth. it. But, that’s what we’re here for: to talk incessantly (almost an hour) about a film that is not worth talking about for much more than couple of minutes. Our conclusion of Olympus Has Fallen: dumb. But we do look forward to the next couple of episodes with other, more interesting things on the horizon. For example The GI Joe crew will try to retake the White House next weekend. And then later in the summer Roland Emmerich will also have terrorists taking over the White House. So we have a lot of diversity and unique action scenarios coming up in the next couple of months. Stay tuned later in the week for our Watch List and some listener interaction material.

As always, please join the conversation by leaving your own thoughts in the comment section below and again, thanks for listening!

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Peter Sellers
Dr. Starnagelove

“Where Everybody Knows Your Name”
Gary Portnoy




Olympus Has Fallen




The Last Boy Scout
David Edelstein review of Olympus has Fallen




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– Spring Breakers
– G.I. Joe: Retaliation



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Maybe you should only do two shows a week when it’s really worth a damn, like in Summer or Oscar season.

Reviewing crap like “Olympus has Fallen” for an hour just isn’t worth it IMHO

Sorry for ranting 🙂


I totally agree. I don’t download the first podcast because of the overlong spoilerific reviews. Spending an hour on a film that ‘doesn’t even deserve it’ only satirises yourselves.

I think you should go back to one show and cut the reviews to a Ryan McNeill type ten minute review. He provides the best short reviews on the net. Study them.

Filmjunk can get away with it because their levels of downright entertainment are through the roof.

The only time the Cinecasts reach Filmjunk levels of entertainment is when Gamble is on a rant, but he is rarely there these days. (I’m not talking about being informative or insightful about the films, just raw entertainment value)

It’s a shame to miss out on the upcoming film gossip – which I wouldn’t if there were only one cast – but if you’re having two casts so be it.


Our shows are dictated by the week’s content. Would that SPRING BREAKERS was available in Canada so we could have talked about that instead. Hell, I’d rather beat on the CROODS, but both Andrew and I went into OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN expecting something rather good. The disappointment was palpable. I agree we went on too long in getting this sort of crap out of our system. Bear with us as we work out the kinks in our new format, we’re still experimenting.

Sean Kelly

Mainstream = Talk about a film for 10 minutes

Serious Film Lover = Talk about a film for as long as you feel about it

Markus Krenn

Kurt, if you can only accept over the top violence when there is some intelligence behind it, then please explain the following to me. Where was the intelligence behind the violence in “The Raid”. I could accept that argument regarding to Verhoeven flicks, but i bet it doesn’t apply to every extrem violent action movie you dig.
Furthermore, when did we reach the point where pure action movies have to make sense and be realistic?
What about suspension of disbelief?
So in retrospective all of the 80’s movies we liked are utterly crap?
I have not seen ‘Olympus has fallen’ and i’m not defending it in any way. I’m totaly fine with you not liking the movie, but i can’t accept your chain of arguments why. I maybe could if the movie tried to be a meaningful polit thriller, but i don’t think it wants to.


Most of the 80s action movies are utter crap. No argument there. I’m a fan of the Raid, but not absolutely nuts for it, I’m hardly defending that films violence, but it is treated with a video-game ‘big-boss’ sensibility. The Raid doesn’t take itself as seriously as you imply.

It’s the extreme patriotism in Olympus has Fallen coupled with solumn self-seriousness that makes it’s violence all the more poison. The lead character in THE RAID is Muslim, yet that film feels no need to ram it down our throats at all times, in fact, other than a brief scene at the beginning, it’s never preachy, merely that the character is from Indonesia, and the significant percent of the population’s religion there is Muslim.

In Summary: It’s the pudding, the combination of ingredients building, not any single one ingredient, hence my ability to parse between something like The Raid (or DREDD) and OLYMPUS.


Oh, and the violence here is not ‘over the top’ – it is just cruel. And while I can take that in something that has something to say (Funny Games, The Killer Inside Me, No Country For Old Men), it seems just mean-spirited in this film. Yes, even for a rah-rah American action film.


I should also say that the shows where we love the films released that week tend to be better than the shows where we examine ‘crap’. I (believe) that I am fairly good a sniffing out shitty movies and skipping them (I’m looking at you Die Hard 5) but every now and again I get fooled into thinking that something will be better (or more fun, or cheesier) than it actually is. As is the case here.

Nat Almirall

I think Andrew’ thinking of Douglas MacArthur


Please don’t take people’s demands for shorter reviews seriously. I love your long winded reviews, spoilers with nerves exposed and all. It’s what makes your show better than others.

Shows like siskel & ebert and filmspottong are like horrible lays who bring no foreplay or barely get the tip in before they’re tired of you, all so they can add another notch to their bedpost.

You guys bring the heat and passion. Very considerate, very giving. All on a very real and honest level (unlike the aforementioned shows, who just want to acheieve status of intellectual cunts). Pardon my French. 🙂

Looking forward to the next episode.